Breaking News: Rove Beats Rap; Liberals Get Punk’d..Again

Well…so much for the liberal blogosphere’s “Fitz-Mas” fantasies.

USA TODAY: Rove Won’t Be Charged In CIA Case

So much as well for Jason Leopold and’s fiction of a “Sealed vs. Sealed” indictment, too….they just got punked by another classic Rove disinformation campaign.

But what did they expect…after all, Fitzgerald is still a conservative Republican, and Rove still has a great deal of power, even without his White House policy position.

My guess is that all the drama over a Rove indictment was just smoke and mirrors to solidify the case against Scooter Libby (and perhaps grease the wheels for indictments against other lower levels)…Rove (and by extension, Dick Cheney) were never really serious targets at all, contrary to rumor.

Congratulations, liberals…you just got owned. Again.

Combined with the Democrats’ cave in and the death of Zarqawi, this all but cinches continued Republican control of Congress for the next two years..and perhaps beyond.

Maybe now we can discuss some REAL alternatives now??? Like, say, a REAL Left movement that speaks to REAL people???

Too much to ask, I’m afraid.

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