Doubling Up The SmackChon: Coming Soon to

Begging your patience, but I want to try something a bit different.

I am NOT shutting down this blog AT all…but I want to see if it will work in another venue. So I am in the process of getting an account with, and will open up a version of the SmackChron over there.

For a while I will be updating both the WP and this Blogger version, to see which one is superior. Note that I am NOT moving the blog, just hosting it in different locations to see what will happen.

The reason; I’m a bit jealous that Kevin at Slant Truth has gotten all these cool new widgets, like the one that automatically turns words into embedded links (Bitch Lab has that feature, too)..and I want to test them out myself.

When the WP version opens for business, I will give out the addy. And I will be updating BOTH of them for a short time while I decide which to finally choose.

So…pardon the construction here…just experimenting, as usual.


8 thoughts on “Doubling Up The SmackChon: Coming Soon to

  1. Kev and Miz B: Thanks for the props…I had to search a bit before I could find the proper style theme for this ole blog..but I believe that I have found it.

    Only problem: I did discover and upload the plugin that allows me to embed links into certain phrases and words….but now I can’t find the freakin’ link in the dashboard to install it!! Any one of y’all can help me find that so that my site doesn’t look so…..well, naked???

    Not that I don’t particularly dislike naked in a certain perspective…but not in this way.

    Anyways, thanks again…and be sure to spread the word around. And remember, I’m not yet ditching the old Blogger blog, I’m still updating both to see which one I will ultimately keep.


  2. Oh, and to Miz B’s inquiry: It actually was a breeze importing the old Blogger archive over; at least WP does that well. The blogroll was another story altogether; I ended up having to manually transfer all the links myself..but it got done. Now all I need is to organize them into categories and all will be fine.


  3. thanks Anthony.

    you can find the place to install it in the dashboard >


    you’ll get a table of all your plugins. just click on the one you want, SH-Autolink (i think?). All done.

    Now, go to the tabe “Manage” and click on that. There should be a tab called “SH-Autolink”. Now, you just type in the words you want to auto link.

    Belledame, Amber, Lusty Lady, Moi!, BfP, Kevin, Taking Place, etc. and then type in the URL. A little set up work, but saves time down the road.

  4. Dude, just go with wordpress already. you got me, kev, others, to ask for help. hands down, wpress kicks ass. PLUS, we can make it sexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

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