Adventures In Moving a Blog

Just in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been these past days….I completed the move of this blog over to WordPress last week….but, it seems I made a slight mistake.

You see, I had wanted to join, the full program that would allow me to add some kewl plugins (like the ones that Kevin and Bitch | Lab have where text is automatically transformed into embedded links) to spice up the blog.

Unfortunately, I learned to my chagrin that I actually signed up with; which only offers the blog and NOT the additional features.  To get the plugins and the other kewl features, I would have to install the software for to my web server. 

Doubly unfortunate for me, because the webhost that I spent $90 bucks on acquiring a domain for isn’t compatible with WordPress.

*That sound you hear is my head banging against the wall in freakin’ anger.

So…I had to go ahead and search for another webhost that would be compatible….and within my affordability.

After rejecting a few, I finally enrolled in a nice service called Laughing Squid ( which is not only WordPress compatible (indeed, their blog is built by WP), but quite inexpensive.

However…when I attempted to transfer the domain name from my old host ( over; I got a message saying that the nameservers had wiped out my old site and that I had to change my domain name (originally and reset the nameservers before I could install WordPress, or any other software into their webservers.

Un-freakin’ *%_)(()&(&*(& razzafrazzas!!!

So, I’m now waiting for Laughing Squid to approve and move my domain over to their nameservers so that my site can get back on line..once that happens, I can reinstall the features I wanted in the first place.

In the meantime, I still have this blog (and the Blogger version)…so it’s not a total loss.

But isn’t web hosting really fun??? *snark

4 thoughts on “Adventures In Moving a Blog

  1. well, they do say that moving is the most stressful times of a persons life huh? 🙂

    i love the new place and look forward to seeing it come together!!!

    congratulations on the move!!

  2. wow..what a pain.. i went with bluehost for my wp hosting, as for the domain name i think its best never to get a domain name from the hosting company even if they are offering it for free with your hosting account. i would go buy the domain at godaddy and then host it with anyone, which works out cool coz then i dont need to worry about the webhost not releasing my domain name if i switch hosts.

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