And unlike our selected President, my accomplishment is for real!!!

I was finally able to get my Laughing Squid web hosting account set up properly so that I could install the blog publishing package from WordPress.org (I had originally installed the set from WordPress.com which only allowed for the publishing of a blog); so now both my Red Garter Club website and this blog will be hosted on Laughing Squid’s servers…with significant advantages to both me and you.

Not only will I be able to take full advantage of WP’s full features (as well as some kewl plugins that will enhance the redability of the blog)…but now I will finally be able to completely upgrade the Red Garter Club site to make it look a lot less spartan than it now is.

Just go over there and check out the results:

The new Red Garter Club addy: http://redgarterclubwebsite.com
The new SmackDog Chronicles blog: http://redgarterclubwebsite.com/SmackChron_Blog/index.php (for now)

With that, I will probably shut down this Blogger account for good and do all my updates at WP from here on out.

UPDATE 8-7-06: I have updated the link to the new SmackChron blog to a better site that actually works (thanks, Belledame!!!). I have adjusted the link in the previous statement to reflect the change.

4 thoughts on “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!!

  1. Just discovered this blog today. Very impressive posts! And its also nice to read from somebody who is living in the town that I was born and raised in!

  2. …the WP link goes to a page that sez, “sorry! our tentacles are unable to locate that page!”

  3. Try again now, Belle…I’ve fixed the link.

    (I know, that was six months ago….but I can’t just leave things hanging, can I???)



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