Oh, Good….RMildred’s At It Again!!!

First off…it wasn’t enough that she decided to get off a drive-by shot at Ms. B at Bitch|Lab in the Pandagon sex worker debate…but now she’s launched a full on Scud missile attack from her own PunkAss blog.  The post title says it all:

In which Bitch|Lab comes out in favor of genital mutiliation, because patriarchs find it “hawt” 

Actually, it’s a brief response to this post where Miz B channels Randall Collins to challenge the notion that romantic love is really about only sex or whether it is much more complex.  But, considering RM’s obsession with knocking B’s block off, it surprises me not at all that RM would stoop to that level.

But…heheh…even that stales as compared to the freshly packed pile of horsedung that constitutes this post (also at PunkAss Blog) where RMildred attempts to rebute KH’s main points in favor of decriminalizing and destigmatizing sex work, using all the old anti-"pornstitution" memes and standbys about innate "degradation" and "coercion" as rape, among other things.

Unfortunately, I have to leave for work in about an hour, so I won’t be able to give RMildred the full can of SmackDog Whupass ™ on her latest lunacy until later this weekend…..but I’ll bet that there will be others ready to lock and load. (Miriam??  Belledame??) Until then, I’ll just watch the fireworks and link any rebuttals that may get written.

Good Lord, what an asshat.  It is now official: radicalfeminism has become the new "ex-gay".  

3 thoughts on “Oh, Good….RMildred’s At It Again!!!

  1. At this point and time, Miz B, I don’t really care….I’m just that pissed off.

    She may be shitstirring for sure…but I see nothing to change my view that she means what she says.

    No matter….whether radfem or not, she’s gotten my goat.


  2. Actually, now that I read the post, I don’t think she was stirring up shit for the sake of shitstirring. she’s serious and, yes, drawing on radfem arguments against sex work. that doesn’t mean she’s a radfem, though, since plenty of people can toss off the gender is primary analysis, as well as the porn/rape/prostitution is most important analysis, and advance the rest.

    sort of like alison jaggar’s said: that radical feminism is kind of a big sister to a lot variants of feinism which generally emerged, drawingon their insights by moving beyond them in critical ways.

    i’m not sure what good arguing will do though.

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