Double Your Wingnut Pleasure (The Vox Day Files)

There’s no drivel quite like right-wing drivel, ehhhh???

This pulled from a especially whack site called Men’s News Daily (with a tip of the hat to the Mike Malloy Truthseekers Forum):


The Reasons Liberal Democrats Have A Love Affair With Islam

August 16, 2006

Vox Populi, The Rogue Jew

 Todays post is short but sweet. I think I figured out why Liberal Democrats have such a love affair with Islam.  The two groups have many similarities and much in common.

The followers of the cartoon like prophet, Mohammad hate George Bush, Jews, and America more then they love their own children.

Liberal Democrats hate George Bush, Israel, and America more then they love their own children.

The followers of Islam use innocent women and children as “Human Shields” to hide behind while shooting at American Soldiers and Israeli soldiers.

Liberal Democrats use widows and veterans to hide behind so as to not have to debate the issues in an open forum.

The Liberal Democrats will defend to the death a womans right to kill her unborn child, but denounce any American who gives his/her life for their country.

Followers of the Blown to Peices Religion despise religious freedom and liberty. 

Liberal Democrats despise freedom of religion, but support freedom FROM religion.

Followers of Islam riot and kill when a Liberal journalist reported that American Soldiers urinated on a Koran.

Liberals Democrats will defend urinating on a Christian Bible as art and “Freedom of Expression”, but condemned American soldiers for flushing a Koran down a toilet, which turned out to be yet another lie fabricated by a Liberal Journalist.

In my book, Liberal Democrats are no different then Islamic Terrorists.  Liberal Democrats are equally as guilty for enabling Terrorism.  It’s no different then actually pulling the trigger or lauching a missle at Israel.

Just thought I would point these similarities out to my Jewish Friends who blindly support the Party of Death, the Liberal Democrats.

Now…let’s put aside the forgetable fact that most liberal Democrats (at least the establishment types) are actually huge supporters of (and some of them outright apologists for) Israel’s current scorched earth policy/invasion in Lebanon; or that I’ve seen no act of terrorism ever perpetrated by an “liberal Democrat” (but plenty done by activists for the Right).

And for the record, Mr. Day…it wasn’t a Bible that was urinated on, it was a plastic crucifix dipped in a vial of what was described as urine…..quite a bit of different from threatening to throw the Q’uran into a commode….or attaching a detainee to explosives….or forcing him to masturbate under the barrel of a gun….or siccing dogs after a detainee….or forming naked human pyramids..or…need I go on???

Oh, I forgot…this is the same Vox Day who believes that Adolf Hitler had a great idea for dealing with “illegal aliens” (read, Latino citizens) that our president “Jorge” just isn’t man enough to copy: just deport all the “wetbacks” across the border right after we build “The Wall” on the border.

Yeah.  Right.  Nice “friend of the Jews” he is.  

But..I’ll bet he’ll be supporting Joe Lieberman as a “moderate Democrat”, will he???


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