Double Your Wingnut Pleasure: Part Deux (MinuteKKKlan “Freedom Ketchup”?!?!)

And if you thought that Vox Day’s anti-Latino bigotry was…..interesting, get a load of this:

Apparantly, the Minutemen Militia MiNUTEKKKlan Bigots are attempting to sell themselves to the public again….and as is usual from the Far, Far Right, they have ingeniously decided to steal from the very people they want to wipe off the face of the earth.

From Xicano Power at Para Justicia y Libertad!; via James Benjamin at Left End of the Dial:

It seems that now the MinuteKlan have decided to go into the food industry to peddle their racist views.

Minuteman Salsa is proud to be America’s 100% US-born and bred Southwestern salsa.You don’t support illegal immigration. Buy Minuteman Salsa and keep foreign-made salsa from slipping across the border into your pantry.

A portion of the proceeds of every sale of Minuteman Salsa will benefit the courageous men and women of the Minuteman Project, guarding America’s borders.


Oh, yeah…that’ll work. 


These fuckers do know that salsa is specifically a MEXICAN product, ehhh???

I mean, don’t they know that even Taco Bell prefers the real stuff over this cheap-ass imitation??

And…how in hell are we to know that this shit is really “100% American made”??  (Yeah, like Mexicanos can’t be Americans!!!) How do we know that this is really traditional salsa made by Mexicans that they just stole and marketed as their own??  (Kinda like those American flags that are made in China, perhaps??)

I have an idea, Mi-NUTEs…why not go the full distance and market this crap the way the Republicans dissed French fries as “freedom fries”??  (Remember during WWII when sauerkraut was redefined as “freedom cabbage” and bratwurst as “freedom sausage”??) Let’s call this “new” product “freedom ketchup”, and throw it to the public to see what happens.

Ahhhh…no thank you….I prefer traditional salsa quite nicely, thank you very much.  I’d rather not have my hard earned money go to homocidal xenophobic racists. Hell, I’d rather buy Taco Bell’s salsa than this crap.

Besides, there already is “100% American made” salsa around….made by 100% Americans.  The majority of them happen to be Latino/Mexican.  And as I’ve heard, it’s quite damn tasty, too.

Memo to the world: Do society a huge favor and boycott these fuckheads; and hold out for the real thing.

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