‘Open Source Sex’ Raids SF Chronicle; or, Violet Blue Gets The Big Payday

A special SmackChron 21-gun salute, congrats, and a tip of the hat (though, I’d settle for a lick of the clit, too) to world class, smart ass, and fine-ass sex author/blogger/sex radical progressive headbussa Violet Blue, on her scoring the ultimate gig of her rapidly rising career: she will be starting a regular sex column for the San Francisco Chronicle beginning middle to late September. 

Considering how much of a rebel and a critic of the media Violet is, that’s a high tribute indeed.

And she says that she will have full creative control of her words….without fear of censorship or editorial control.

Go here to read where Violet officially sends out the news; and here for the reaction from friends and colleagues from the sex-poz community.

Oh….and while you are there, feel free to check out her latest Open Source Sex podcast (warning, definintely NOT work safe), which features not only Violet reading a pretty steamy story about consensual domination; but which also (in the video/textcast version) includes some still scenes from the new adult video produced by Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene through Adam & Eve, O: The Power of Submission. (Actually, Ernest gets the credit as director and producer; Nina gets credit as associate producer and director, and also plays a (non-sexual) cameo role…but she still kicks serious ass, even in her forties. (Not to mention her own ass is still quite serious, too…if you catch me.))



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