The End-Of-Summer Hurricane Hump Day Surreal Blowout*

My, my, my….how surreal has this week been.

First, you have Cruella da Harris (aka Katherine Harris, the Big Fixer of Campaign 2000) scoring a win in the Florida US Senatorial primary, despite being roundly avoided like the plague by the GOP bigwigs (including Dubya), as well as enduring countless defections and faux-pas (including the “church and state seperation is a lie” smack she pulled out her 34 C bra last week)….all for the right to get her ass dusted by incumbent conservative Democrat Bill Nelson in the general election. Keith Olbermann did a pretty funny sendoff on Harris and her victory last week on MSNBC’s Countdown; the clip can be located here (t/h to Crooks and Liars).

Then….we have the ongoing 2006 Upper Level Low Season (used to be called the 2006 Hurricane Season but due to a developing El Nino pattern and wind shears due to the presence of upper level lows and troughs (meterological terms, don’t ask), the storm total has been knocked considerably down from normal; quite a switch from the Season From Hell last year.  (Although, Hurricane Florence seems to be getting her act together as she barrels toward Bermuda; at last report she was approaching Category 2 strength at 100 mph and still strengthing; otherwise, she looks to become basically a gale storm in the Atlantic.  Looks good for the Gulf of Mexico so far, though we still have about a month and a half to go.

But that’s OK…because the Gulf now has a new worry to fear…..earthquakes.

Yup, that’s not a typo……this morning, the east-central Gulf of Mexico was the epicenter of a strong 6.0 temblor which was felt as far north as Tennessee and Georgia and as far west as Louisiana and Arkansas.  So far, no reports of damage and no aftereffects..but still pretty doggone scary; considering the location.

So….you will please pardon me if I feel a bit more than the usual paranoid today.


*”Hurricane Hump Day” refers to today, September 10, as the annual peak day of the hurricane season; from this day on the number of storms in the Atlantic/Carribean/Gulf of Mexico basin should decrease in numbers until the end of the season in November.  Although…we can still get some significant majors and even a few super-canes cranked up (Mitch in 1998, Wilma last year); so you never know.


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