Meet Me In The Trail….It’s Going Down… (Sex-Pos/Sex-Rad Carnival Set For 10/20)






Well, the Sex-Pos/Sex-Rad Carnival is now officially on and set; and Miz B gave me the final authority to host it.

She also refered me to a kewl site called Blog Carnival where you can set up and promote carnivals; I took full advantage and set up a Sex Pos/Sex Rad Carnival page here.

Just so that I can get this right, I have set a deadline of October 18 for submissions (so that y’all can get some time to submit, of course); the first Carnival will be posted on October 20.

The general idea is to put out the fundamental theory and practice of sex-positive theory and sex radicalism and it’s impact on political and social theory…with a special emphasis on it’s legacy on the political Left (though libertarian sex rads will also be more than welcome to contribute, too).

OK….start sending your submissions in.  And bring your best!!!


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