Sex-Pos/Sex-Rad Carnival Coming Soon…

Personally, I think that it’s an idea whose time has come….(ugggh, bad pun)




Me and Bitch|Lab are teaming up on this one; We haven’t decided as of yet whether it will be here or at Bitch|Lab’s place, but it is definitely in the planning stages.

Consider this the official shoutout for entrants and essays.

If you are interested, or find someone or something that could be useful, either email me (anthonyk_6319 at charter dot net) or respond in the Comments section of this post.

Also….Miz B has set up a mailing list — SexPos: Sex On The Brain — specifically for planning for the carnival and discussing issues concerning sex-positive feminist theory and practice; a visit there is strongly recommended.

As this takes more and more shape, more details and a final date is forthcoming.


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