…And A-Waaaaaaaaaaay We Go!!!!!

As of 9:17 PM  CST: The events so far….


 — Bob Casey smacks Asshole…errrrrrr, Santorum; wins Pennsylvania Senate seat (even is Casey’s a right-wing    Democrat, getting Little Ricky out of office is still pretty sweet)

 — Sheldon Whitehouse knocks off Lincoln Chaffee; wins Rhode Island Senate seat

 — Bob Menendez beats back Thomas Kean; retains NJ Senate seat (the one Dem controlled seat that was threatened)

 — Sherrod Brown beats Tom DeWine, wins Ohio Senate seat.

 — Ben Cardin holds off Michael Steele; wins Maryland Senate seat.

Dems running the table on Governorships (including turnover wins in MD (O’Malley over Ehrlich); OH (Strickland over Blackwell), MA (Patrick over Healey); and NY (Spitzer over Faso)

That’s a +3 gain, BTW….only three more to go before the Senate changes hands…

Plus; the Dems have gotten a few upsets in the House races; the biggest ones being Hosetteler (IN-08), Northrup (KY-03), Bass (NH-02), and Padgett (OH-08).  There may be more forthcoming…


 — Fighting Joe (for the GOP) Lieberman is coasting over Ned Lamont and Alan Schlesenger; should retain his Connecticut Senate seat…..now will he bolt to the GOP for promises of a committee chairmanship if he becomes the point man in the Senate??)

— As of last count, Allen was barely leading Webb in Virginia’s Senate race by 2,000+ votes with around 80% of the vote counted…he could squeak by by a hair, though it will probably be challenged well into Thanksgiving.)

Still to come; Missouri, Montana, Arizona, and much of the Midwest and West…still a long way to go before things get settled…but it does look pretty good for the Dems for both the House and the Senate.

More as things happen…..

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