Because Sweet Revenge Is Served Best With Just A Touch of Ass-Kick — “Political Smackdown 2006″ Conclusion

I will explain later on why I have been so lax in posting here of late….but the story of the night has to be the 2006 Midterm Elections and the prospective ass-kicking that the Republicans are apparently about to receive.

Already, we hear that the Dems are boat-racing the exit polls even more than they were in 2004 (for whatever good that did); that the Repubs are up to their old dirty tricks in voter suppression; that there is record turnout in most of the key states (70% in Connecticut and 65-70% in Virginia alone)..and that two of the main Big Fixer-Uppers in ’00 and ’04, Cruella da (Katherine) Harris (FL Senate) and Ken Blackwell (OH Governor) are being dropkicked out of their offices (by Ben Nelson and Ted Strickland, respectively).

Barring any unforseen surprises, this could get real ugly for the GOP…..real quick.

And the even bigger surprise may be that old Ned Lamont might even have a chance of pulling out the impossible and actually beating Fighting Joe (for the GOP) Lieberman in Connecticut’s Senate race, in spite of the polls showing him a bit behind. Boy, would that be a nice topper to getting back the Senate.

Hell…even Harold freakin’ Ford still has a shot of beating the odds in Tennessee, if the coattails of the Dem /moderate tsumami peaks well enough.

Like everyone else, I will be monitoring the results and giving flash updates as they break. Just watch this space.

And if the deadline hasn’t passed you by and you haven’t voted: WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, NUMBNUT?!?!?!?

UPDATE #1 (8:08 PM):  The only threatened Dem Senate seat has now been secured: Menendez beats Kean and keeps the New Jersey Senate seat Democratic.  One swinger down, two (Missouri and Virginia) to go.

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