House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…..Deal With It, ‘Pubs!!!! Plus…Liberals Bash Greens: The Third Chapter

It is now official, all the media outlets have now called the House of Representatives y to shift to Democratic hands; 16 Republican seats have now been called to turnover.

Which means…you’ll just have to get used to hearing the name of Nancy Pelosi as the House Speaker (first woman speaker in US history, BTW….kinda nice, I’d say).

The Senate is still up for grabs, though….Arizona and Missouri are still tallying their votes.

Unfortunately, it seems that based on the first count, George Allen may have squeaked a victory past Jim Webb in Virginia by about 7,600 votes out of nearly 3 million votes cast in total [Uhhhh…not so fast, ‘Dog!!! See the update below]……less than one-third of the total vote carried by the Green Party "Independent Green Party" candidate. The logical results: some liberal bloggers will not be sending G. G. Parker (the aformentioned Green candidate) flowers and candy anytime soon…..unless the candy is spiked with thorns and the roses tainted with wasps. Great….another "goddamn Greens cost us the Senate" weep fest amongst liberals who should know better…as if only THEY have the inevitable right to represent the Left….and support a conservative Democrat???

Ahhh…yeah….right….do us a favor, Matt Yglesias and Amanda Marcotte, and wait until the votes are recounted (and the thievery of the Repubs exposed) before you go off half cocked (sorry, Amanda) and blast the Greens for your own failures.

UPDATE: Turns out, Parker seems to be a bit more conservative than the usual Green. This from Violet Socks from the discussion thread at Pandagon:

Parker is also very conservative; I found this bit ( which sums her up pretty well:

According to an article by the Associated Press, Gail Parker, the “Independent Green Party” candidate in this year’s U.S. Senate race in Virginia, is actually “not a Green at all.” In fact, according to the article, the “Independent Greens” actually are “promot[ing] themselves as “Common Sense Conservative Greens.’”

What on earth’s a “Common Sense Conservative Green?” That’s very hard to say, except that they seem to like rail (who doesn’t?). According to Parker, “[w]e’re conservative, unlike the national Green Party.” Aside from rail, Parker says that her campaign is about “family, faith and values.” She says that her “values were established in a Christian household, with Christian guidance.” She’s for term limits. She believes in “free-market alternatives and incentives.” She refuses to say whether or not she’d support overturning Roe v. Wade, whether she supports embryonic stem cell research, whether she supports a guest worker program for illegal immigrants, or whether she supports the so-called “marriage amendment.” And she calls herself a “fiscal conservative.”

In other words, Gail Parker is a right-wing, Christian, social conservative who calls herself a “common sense conservative.” Sound familiar? That’s right, Gail Parker’s political philosophy isn’t much different than George Allen’s, except that Parker really REALLY like “rail!” In fact, she likes “rail!” so much that she puts an exclamation point after the word “rail!” wherever that word “rail!” appears! And she touts “rail!” as the solution to everything from Iraq to the common cold. Well, maybe not the common cold, but did I mention that Gail Parker really really loves “rail!”? For more on Parker and “rail!”, check out her questionnaire responses in the Connection Newspapers.

The people voting for Parker may not be true Greens at all; they may just be conservatives who would normally vote for Republican except for their festering fascination with “rail.”

In short, she might be more of a Far Right clone of the official Green Party of the United States (the real independent Left deal) designed to deliberately tap off conservative votes from the Dems to help Allen and the Repubs (her support of light rail and rail-based transit aside…which, BTW, is also a major pet project of New Right guru Richard Viguerie, too).

Of, course, that won’t stop most on the liberal blogosphere from tossing their spitballs at real Greens, will they??

Meanwhile, the rout continues….more forthcoming…..

UPDATE (11:35 PM):  Ahhhhh, lookee here….Seems that I conveniently forgot that the urban votes are usually the last to be counted….and Webb has not only caught up with Allen, but is now ahead by 3,000 votes with 99% of the votes counted. 

That sonic boom that you might be hearing in a few minutes if this holds up is Karl Rove’s head exploding.  WOW.

We may not need Fightin’ Joe after all.  Stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…..Deal With It, ‘Pubs!!!! Plus…Liberals Bash Greens: The Third Chapter

  1. Yo Dog-
    It seems MOST places (the washington post, the NY times) are saying Webb won (though barely) I am sure there will be recounting and all that good stuff..but it is nice to think GEE, maybe my vote DID matter…

  2. Yeah, RenEv, it is looking like Webb did pull it out…not by much, and not enough to avoid a recount, but he did win.

    And it looks like Tester is going to beat Burns in Montana, too…which would put the Dems with control of the Senate (49 Dems + Sanders (VT-I) and Lieberman (CT))….depending on what Fightin’ Joe decides to do with his swing vote, that is.

    Not bad for a rout, I’d say. 30+ seat gain in House; 6 seats in Senate; and 9 governorships….now let’s see what they do with this.


  3. Hey, who can blame the liberals for being angry at the Greens? I mean, who can remember a silly little thing like Madeleine Albright’s acknowledgement that the sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children? That’s trivial when you’re a hardheaded pragmatist who understands that the Republicans are Pure Evil and the Democrats are Pure Good.

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