Because A Used Car Isn’t Quite Like A “Used Woman”….I Guess??

To understand the title of that post you must:

1) Go over to the Village Voice website and read the totally fine (and totally fine-ass) Rachel Kramer Bussel column on virginity as an sexual option for young people;

2) Go the the following week’s "Letters to the Editor" section of said newspaper for one of the lowest in asshattery in response to Rachel’s comment; and note the really touching (in a "touching a live electical wire" sort of way) analogy "James D" uses to defend "intimacy"; and,

3) Read Rachel’s bemused, and not-so-slightly pissed off response to said asshat in her Lusty Lady blog today.

Underneath even the lustiest ladies lie a total bitch, waiting to be sprung. Memo to Loser James D: You’ve been served, fool.


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