Why More Leftists Should Date Actual Sex Workers

Mostly, because when you are arguing against the likes of Robert Jensen, it helps to have an actual human being to back you up.

Case in point: Eric Patton just posted his own counterrebuttal to Robert Jensen’s essay at the Dissident Voice website on the issue of whether DP is innately sexist to women….but for this tiime, he managed to channel an actual sex worker/ex-girlfriend (identified as "Colleen"…of course, not her real name) to buttress his case, so to speak.

A few excerpts should show how well she succeeded.

Here is Colleen giving her initial thoughts on Jensen’s blast:

The first thing I notice is that there seems to be a muddying of concepts  that needs to be clarified. Are we speaking entirely about the sexual act within the boundaries of pornography, or within the confines of interpersonal sexual activity? The distinction is very important, as the man who insists that this is an example of how porn is demeaning to women is trying to be a helpful Leftie guy who confuses a dislike with market capitalism with what may otherwise be an actual problem. The man who insists that the act itself is disgraceful, sexist, and/or demeaning is being patronizing [if he] thinks he knows better than a female about what she should do with her body. After all, patriarchy does not exclude itself from the Left — plenty of guys on the Left are more than happy to say what is and isn’t demeaning to women without actually discussing it with women who enjoy it.

[Emphasis added by me.]

And here’s Colleen responding to Jensen saying that he has never had a woman ask a man if DP (or any other sex act) was sexist and demeaning:

Why would a woman ask a man if double penetration is demeaning to her? I have difficulty understanding why this is somehow news to the reader — I can see concerned men asking other Leftist men who care about respecting and loving women, “I am fantasizing about _____. Am I wrong for doing this? Am I being sexist?” I can NOT see a woman asking a male, “I am fantasizing about _____.  Am I being sexist… umm.. against myself?” It’s not going to happen. To make this observation is to hint that women need male input on what is and is not demeaning to them.

Isn’t that really funny…especially considering that most radfems who are full of praise of Jensen for his "gender traitorship" are the first to bait and trap men who think otherwise as attempting to impose their sexual choices on women!!!

But wait, you say!!  Jensen is directing his critique at MEN, not women, so women’s personal beliefs about sex or DP should not matter, right?? 

Ahhh, WRONG.  Remember that one of the main foundations of Jensen’s belief system about porn is that women innately and naturally seek less "aggressive" and more "positive" forms of sexual fulfillment and "intimacy", and that men, for the good of the species and their gender, had damn well better abandon their evil "patriarchial" sexuality and adopt the "feminist"/"female" model. Of course, having an actual woman who says she actually LOVES the more aggressive form of sexuality (never mind getting paid for it) kinda screws around big time with such a theory…which is why Jensen goes to such lengths to sweep away such dissenting behavior as merely tokens of patriarchy. I guess that in his eyes, women like Colleen and RenegadeEvolution don’t even exist as anything other than holograms invented by TEH MAN to justify and defend rape and degradation of women??

But that is a different story for another time….let’s continue with Colleen’s response.

To Jensen’s line that all the women that HE has asked about DP find it innately sexist and demeaning and would never engage in it, Colleen has this:

I may be mistaken, but like tends to surround like. I’ve known women who are interested in and have enjoyed DP. I myself am interested in it, and have played with the concept with toys when actual men weren’t around. Additionally, whether or not a woman acknowledges such a desire does not lead to truth when it comes to whether or not she ACTUALLY desires it — he truly has met an unrepresentative group of women if he has solely been talking to women who practice full disclosure when it comes to their sex practices and fantasies. There are many women of any sexual orientation who find the practice of having their anus and vagina simultaneously stimulated a very pleasurable thing.

But the best portion of the essay is when Colleen goes off on Jensen’s pretension to represent the Left on the subject of women’s sexuality.

I know he says it’s not his part to say whether or not this is ACTUALLY demeaning to women, which is a nice little tale after pages of saying that it IS demeaning to women. His mention of wanting to threaten to have two “of the biggest guys in the room” double-anal rape the boy to see if he likes it is ALSO very telling, for a few reasons: 1. The boy is apparently not gay, so this act would be rape, and therefore not at ALL comparable to consensual  ADP [anal double penetration [1]]; 2. In private, a female participant in a DP would not be taking their clothes off in front of a group — in pornography, yes, but this is no different than any OTHER type of porn, including lesbian-produced girl on girl porn. It’s a cheap shot, totally unnecessary, and betrays his feelings on the matter. If he feels that ALL porn is degrading, he should just say so instead of picking one of the most extreme subjects as a showcase.

I really do find this bullshit from the Left about how porn is demeaning to women tiring and frustrating, especially when it comes from a 48-year-old male. Somewhere in the back of their minds they have an acceptable list of things that can be done to women, and a list of things that cannot be done to women, and IT’S NO FUCKING DIFFERENT than the sexual repression that comes from the Right.  It’s the “Oh, these poor women have no choice but to fuck for money, and they’re victims of our society and of a sex and humiliation-hungry patriarchy.” . . . I made $200/hour fucking men for money. I chose who and where, and I was absolutely worshipped by most of these men, who were looking for release, comfort, acceptance and kink. For a woman like myself to make a living by offering her body as an altar to men, or for a woman like those in pornography to make a living by acting while fucking is the kind of powerful feeling that you cannot get by conforming to the standards of the Left OR the Right, who both think they have a right to dictate what a woman’s sexuality should be.

This is why I have little patience for these kinds of authors, and this kind of essay. It’s disingenuous and abhorrent. Hopefully this helps you a little, but really, I cannot and will not participate in discussions with people like this. By the way, it doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t give you a straight answer regarding porn in a utopia. Of course there will be porn in a utopia, but he will then be forced to consider — what does that porn look like? Will it involve — GASP! — women enjoying DP? Goodness, heavens, gracious! How could that be?

Oh, but don’t you know, Colleen?? In Robert Jensen’s (and the rest of the radical antiporn feminist activist) utopia, men and women will be so transformed by the wonder of radfem "socialist" politics that there will be no need for DP or any other kind of "patriarchial" sex….because sexual "intimacy" (as defined their way to mean "politically correct", "egalitarian" sexual relationships within a perfect feminist monogamy, totally stripped of all those evil "male-identified" fantasies and thoughts (and of most orgasms, too) will be more than sufficient for humans to survive. Besides, we know that in a patriarchial world, a woman really doesn’t have any rights to her body or sexuality until we have that radicalfeminst revolution and shake out "male sexual power" and "male sexual privilege"….even if it seems to give women the "illusion" of having power!! If submission is inevitable and so useful for the Patriarchy, than why can’t certain Leftists use it (while denying it being used) for their own principles???


That’s just a nice sample of Colleen’s rant; the rest can be found here.

Well done, Eric…..you have as good a taste in girlfriends as you have guts.

And thanks for giving Nina Hartley the shoutout, too.

4 thoughts on “Why More Leftists Should Date Actual Sex Workers

  1. True, he won’t, but if he wants to respond to the essay, he’ll be forced to publically discount an actual woman’s opinions on his insanity instead of degrading men and insinuating that they have a deep-seated dislike of females.

    The whole thing just pisses me off, though. How you could have a true conversation with Jensen about this without laughing in his face and walking away in disgust is beyond me. This is the kind of thinking that’s made me personally turn my back on the Left.

    — “Colleen”

  2. He already discounted an actual woman: Renegade. probably others, too.

    which means he probably just won’t respond to it.

    fortunately, the Left is a lot bigger than this guy. whose main problem after all is that he sounds way too much like the Right at the end of the day, if the Right is understood to mean “authoritarian, reactionary, control-freakish, puritanical, and oh yah, sexist.”

    and so wait, i guess i must have missed the part where his confusion was that a woman had never ASKED -him- if it was sexist? Who say WHA? i mean, it was lame enough as i thought it was, a woman had never -told- him it was anything other than degrading when -he- asked -her.- why on earth?…

    oh, never mind.

    “but enough about me; what do YOU think about me?”


  3. Yes, the Left IS a lot bigger than this guy. People like him just PRETEND to represent the whole Left.

    I think it’s important for sex radicals not to segregate ourselves from other leftists. We should involve ourselves as OPEN sex radicals in all the movements we care about, consistent with the principle of building an inclusive movement. Then the doctrinaires will be isolated as ordinary people who value their personal freedom will come to predominate within the movements.

    This is why I recently commissioned a button bearing a “no sign” over the symbol of the totalitarian puritanical “New Order” regime in Candida Royalle’s film *Revelations*. I’ve been wearing it daily since I got it, and I especially like being asked to explain it to fellow activists.

    It’s also why I sought Nina Hartley’s endorsment for Green Party Congressional candidate Byron De Lear, and ultimately secured it after documenting that he would accept it. Though his vote wasn’t impressive, I think the precedent is important in disproving the assumption that the organized Left will never welcome support by sex workers.

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