The End of Bitch|Lab??? Over This Dog’s Dead Body!!!!

If there was ever a time for the Fighting Progressive Headbussa Brigade to hook up the bayonets and battle, now is a perfect time. One of our greatest strategic assets has been stricken from us suddenly, and the time is urgent.

I just discovered this sudden and frightening email from K over at Bitch | Lab enclosing some horrible news:

Our host is kicking us off, telling us that we burn up to many bits and bytes.
RIP, to Bitch|Lab. We are trying to move it elsewhere, but we can’t afford
dedicated hosting fees.
That means the lists will all have to go away.
Very sorry about this.
For those of you who may remember, Bitch’s site was the subject of a nasty denial-of-service hack attack a coouple of months ago from someone who couldn’t quite accept her criticism of the likes of Ann Bartow, the radfem professor and creator of the Feminist Law Professors blog who basically threatened to out Bitch publically as a phony and a fake scholar who was "bashing feminists and feminism" (especially the kind Bartow supported). turns out that the hosting company for Bitch’s site — hell, why not out them, — basically attempted to blame and persecute the victim of the attack (namely, B|L) rather than actually go after the perpetrators….and decided to charge Bitch for all the overhead.  Apparantly, this became too much for them, and today they unceremoniously and without any warning pulled the plug on Bitch’s entire domain (; thusly killing not just the Bitch|Lab site, but also the three mailing lists (Kickingass, Squeeze, and Sexpos) that B|L had formed under that domain account.
She did say that she would attempt to reform the blog under another host, but due to the expense of  dedicated hosting, she would not be able to afford to totally rebuild the site.
Obviously, this is such horrific news, since B|L’s unique combination of scholarship, theory, and biting humor has sustained a viable and important Left critique for such a long time.
I’m not sure what she will ultimately do, but I happen to think that those of us (Blackamazon?? Nubian?? Kactus?? Kevin??  Belledame?? Renegade Evolution?? Sly Civilian?? Do I have to go down the roll here???) who have been enriched by B|L have an obligation……hell no, a FREAKIN’ DUTY….to give back a little. What I am offering is that some of us should donate either some spare change or some of their bandwidth to allow B|L to reform her site and her blog…or else, donate the funds to allow her to find a suitable and adequate web host.  I personally nominate my own host,, which has served this ‘Dog quite well, is relatively cheap, and is totally reliable enough that their record of handling hackers is renowned.  I am even willing to put up some of my own bandwidth, including space on this blog, to enable her to keep her message online.
Whatever it takes, whatever is neccessary, and by any means neccessary…we will revive Bitch|Lab to its rightful place.  Or die trying.
OK…what say thou???  Say it with words..but mean it with action.  Bitch|Lab deserves nothing less!!!
[Written by one verrrrrry pissed off ‘Dog]

9 thoughts on “The End of Bitch|Lab??? Over This Dog’s Dead Body!!!!

  1. Hey Dog…

    Where do I send a check? I am more than happy to donate my dirty capitalist sexworker money to bring the bitch back!

  2. Actually, RenEv…I’m in the process of setting up a PayPal account where donations can be stored….as it develops, you will be the first to know.


  3. i’m guessing (hoping) she’s got contact info not related to keep me posted…

  4. Money’s tight right now, but I’ll pitch in as soon as I can. Is another way of donating possible? I’ve been boycotting PayPal since learning they’d banned sexually oriented transactions.

  5. [Apologies if this is a duplicate comment. I posted it a few days ago, and since it hasn’t appeared yet I thought there may have been some kind of glitch.]

    Money’s tight right now, but I’ll pitch in as soon as I can. You might consider some payment service other than PayPal. I’ve been boycotting them since learning they’d adopted a policy (in June ’03 I think) against sexually-oriented transactions. Some people are now using StormPay instead.

  6. Sorry ’bout that, Eric…it took a while for me to approve the comments until this evening.

    BTW….I checked out StormPay, and it turns out that they don’t accept adult-oriented transactions, either…plus, they’ve been having major issues with customer service as well. PayPal, for all their tight-assed censorship of adult content, has at least been somewhat effective, and I don’t really need them for my adult purchases, anyway (that’s why I have a prepaid credit card account 😉 Until something comes along that’s better, I’m sticking with PayPal for now.

    Also…..B|L has now at least got most of her blog and site back online, after all kinds of hell rebuilding the database (some discussions did get erased, but on the whole the site is working again. Since she’s now back, I’ll just defer all contributions over to her now….no need to override her.

    So at least, there is some good news for a change.

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