Intermission: A Fun Book Meme

While I await to post Part 2 of my dissection of the Sex-Fascist known as Stephanie Cleveland; I stumbled upon yet another one of those classic Internet "chain letter" memes that spring up often for fun and laughs.  Since I didn’t have the courage to respond when Kevin (aka The Thin Black Duke) at Slant Truth tagged me on his last meme; I will use my Mulligan and crash in uninvited for this one….since even a ‘Dog like me can do this one.

Here is the challenge for this meme, as Kevin stated it:

1)  Pick up the book that you are nearest to.
2)  Turn to page 123.
3)  Locate the fifth sentence in that page.
4) Copy the three sentences that follow.
5) Tag three more bloggers to do the same.

Well, a ‘Dog’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.  Here’s what I find on the three sentences following the fifth sentence of page 123 in the book I’m currently browsing:

But remember who checks in to teaching hospitals: mostly folks who are poor.  I, for one, am decidedly uncomfortable with a health care industry that uses the less fortunate as guinea pigs.

You’ve heard of "recovered-memory syndrome," no doubt.

The source??

Carol Queen, "Just Put Your Feet In Those Stirrups", in Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles In Sex Positive Culture (2nd ed.)

What does that have to do with sex-positivity, you ask??  Well, Doc Carol was riffing on the bone ignorance of most medical practictioners on the subject of sex.  Go find the damn book if you want to read more..or better yet, go to her most  excellent blog.

OK..for the tag, I choose……RenEv, Belledame, and Da Bitch.  Bring it like you know how, ladies.



1 thought on “Intermission: A Fun Book Meme

  1. Tagged…

    Rose nodded. “Well, I am determined not to let them spoil my evening. Think of it this way, if Adam is here, he is not out trying to kill Xian-Li.”
    “True enough.”

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