Welcome To A New Year…Same As The Old Year, But Newer

Well, friends, neighbors, Clones, and fella and sista lefty sex-pozzie rads and  pro-‘pornstitution’ tag teamers  (though I still would much prefer Stan Goff’s derivative smack of "Pro-porn posse"); a new year is now upon us.  Hopefully 2007 will serve to be as interesting and prosperous as 2006 was…yet with half the drama and one-third less calories.

Some things will change radically….like the New Orleans Saints actually being said in the same paragraph as "Super Bowl" (and who’d think that after Rusted Mike Ditka sold the entire 2000 draft for Ricky Williams, only to see him shipped to Miami three years later???); or the Republicans actually having to face the prospect of being a minority party for the first time in 12 years (thank you very much, Dubya, for that).  And then, some things will never change…like celebs attempting to revive their staggering careers by miming porn starlets (see Mariah Carey’s suit against Mary Carey’s trademarking; or Britney and Paris doing their Jenna Jameson impressions and flashing hoohah for the world to see and sqawk about; or certain antiporn radicalfeminists flashing their predjudices and bigotry against sexual dissidents (as in the latest brohaha over transsexuals and their dire threat to women’s restrooms and other sacred womyn’s spaces).  And, of course, our one-party-with-two-wings political system will continue to create new and different ways to rob working folk of all their hard earned money  while funding more death, destruction, and brutality worldwide….all the while targeting their rhetoric and bile towards acts that do less to harm anyone than all their war games and torture havens.

Either way, ’07 should be one hellava ride.





2 thoughts on “Welcome To A New Year…Same As The Old Year, But Newer

  1. you know, I am still laughing that amber and veronica got called out as the tag team rather than you and me? rads can’t even get THAT right.

  2. One slight correction: the phrase Stan uses is “Porn Troll Posse” – though he hasn’t used it about me yet, since I haven’t posted there on that topic except on one old thread, which he probably didn’t notice.

    I’ve been trying to trackback from your blog but haven’t figured out how; clicking on that word seems to just take me back to the same page. Care to let me in on the secret, Anthony?

    Eric Hamell
    Gondwanaland – http://stripey7.blogspot.com

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