Queer Dewd Layeth The Bitchslap Down For Sex-Positive Feminism

There are times when you turn the other cheek….and then there are times when you just gotta lay out and grab the football bat and just bust ass.

The Queer Dewd (formerly known as Bitch|Lab) just decided that when it comes to battling the Radfem Caucus, she’s just reached the boiling point….and thusly, she has broken out the definitive bustout to end all bustouts.

The foundation of all this was a comment thread at I Blame The Patriarchy which started as the usual dissing of makeup and lipstick as Tools of Patriarchy ™…which then quickly dissolved head-first into a hatefest against transsexuals and transgendered people as male double agents attempting to get into "women’s spaces".  And as these highlights from some especially nasty comments go, the bigotry got pretty ugly (hat tip to Lucy at Shouty Woman for saving these tidbits; I’ve added the originators of the comments to indict the guilty) :

  • “I’d like to take a piss in a public can knowing for a fact there are no boys in there whining “I was born in the wrong body” for fucksake, insisting I refer to him as “she.” Phobic? Hardly. Resentful that women lose yet another space of their own? You betcha big time.”  — Mar Iguana
  • [….] “Why is it every time women tell men to get their foot off our necks, men cry we’re manhaters and claim they’re being oppressed? “Transphobia” is the new version of this very old game. Same shit, different label. “  — Luckynkl*
  • You want to know how men can hurt women? **chuckle** You’re joking, right? Oh wait. I’m supposed to believe men in drag are women. And if you put on a werewolf mask, will you also expect me to believe you’re a werewolf?
    Well shoot, if that’s the case, if I go in drag as Napoleon, do you think France will hand their country over to me and hail me as their new leader? Can I cry I’m being discriminated against and I’m oppressed if they don’t?

    [Comment by another poster] What bathroom is she supposed to use instead, since if she uses the men’s bathroom she very well could get attacked.

    OIC. And trans boys would like to maintain the position they’re use to — being the fuckers instead of the fuckees? Can’t say as I blame them. But I’m afraid their issue is with men, not with women. So take it up with men instead of demanding that women be your mommy and take care of you. I owe you nothing, boy. You’re not entitled to a damn thing from me. Get that through your thick, dense head. — Luckynkl (added here by me)

  • “Well if men can now use the women’s bathroom, wouldn’t that make the women’s bathroom just as dangerous as the men’s? Or do trans boys imagine they’d be the only man allowed in there? Ooops, sorry. Didn’t mean to use logic. And ruin that trans boy harem fantasy they have going on in their heads.” —  Luckynkl (Notice the trend, Clones!!)

The rest (unless noted) are strictly from Luckynkl, who added her special brand of high-octane bigotry to the mix:

  • [Another commentator] Go ahead, come up with a single instance of a transwoman attacking someone in the bathroom. Hint #2: You can’t. Who told you these big fibs? Actually, there are many cases of men dressing up like women and not only just attacking women, but killing them. Trans assault women regularly. Both verbally and physically. Boys will be boys, ya know. They don’t get brain transplants with SRS.

  • “Oh, I have no problem with trans using the right bathroom. The one with the sign that says “men” on it.”

  • “Now let’s cut through your load of bull. Ask yourself one question. Who benefits? Women? Do women benefit when men use their bathroom? Do women benefit when men pass themselves off as women?” 
  • “So, do I get to be whatever race I choose? Do I get to be an woman of colour or a black woman because I *really* feel like one (even though I’m white as the freshly driven snow)?” — Mary Sunshine
  • “Sex is static. It cannot be changed. Men cannot be frogs, they cannot be giraffes, they cannot be trees, they cannot be rocks, and they cannot be women. Get over it.”
  • “Just for the record, I do not fear or hate these psychologically damaged boys. I pity them. I do hate that “professionals” can say they are able to magically turn these pitiful guys in a woman. As I said before, they should lose their license to practice medicine by praying on and profiting off the mental problems of these unfortunates.”
  • Ah, it’s the invasion of the body snatchers.
    As I said before, every time women tell men to get their foot off our necks, they scream “foul,” call us manhaters and claim we are oppressing them. Oh, and I forgot one. We’re “biggots.”
    Trans are no different than their knuckle dragging brothers. Men are raised and conditioned in this society with an enormous sense of entitlement towards women. Women’s purpose on earth is to serve men and take care of them. No matter how bizarre their wishes and desires may be. Basically what all men want are mommies without any authority.
    Trans objectify women even more so than their knuckle dragging brothers do. Trans look at women as “things.” Nothing more than a suit of clothes for men to try on.
    Ever see “Silence of the Lambs?” 

  • [Comment from another poster] That sounds so familiar, somehow. Oh, right. “Gay people do have the right to get married. They can marry someone of the opposite sex.”
    [Luckynkl] Gay people? Oh, you mean really, really happy people?
    Besides the fact that your ANALogy is at best, bizarre, I oppose ALL marriage, happy or not. Marriage is a barbaric institution, sanctioned by the church and state (which contrary to the lip service we’re given, is one and the same), which grants men legal ownership of women, their assets, their services, their labor, their bodies, as well as anything that might pop out of those bodies. You know, sorta like the way men own dogs and their pups?
    One doesn’t dismantle the house by adding another room onto the house, silly.


 Oh, but having genitals of both sexes or cross-dressing isn’t really being transgendered, nor is attempting to avoid being beaten or even killed (do the names Brandon Teena and Gwen Arroyo ring any bells, Rustednkl??) by using the women’s restroom an act of self-defense; it’s just more men trying to get into "our" space and violate "us"!! Just like those damn "feminist pornographers" and "butch lesbians" with their dildos and vibrators invading "our sacred spaces", I guess.

Anyways…that series of comments sparked a genuine firestorm amongst the feminist blogosphere with more progressive bloggers condemning the height of such hatred from the likes of Luckynkl, and some went even further to condemn Twisty for tolerating such vile, crypto-Nazi bullshit in a feminist blog. (Considering the history of Twisty’s blog generating such a tempest (remember the blowjob controversy a while back, it wasn’t necessarily unexpected.) A few bloggers even went as far as to delist IBTP from their blogrolls in protest.

This is where Bitch|Lab….errrrr, Queer Dewd…..came in with a post at her blog documenting, using her typical detailed analysis and academic mind, the pitfalls of how radfem thought can easily produce the likes of Luckynkl.  (Brownfempower at People of Color Blog added her own perspecive about how WOC bloggers were also being harmed by such rhetoric; and Belledame, as is the usual, added her nickel’s worth. That elicited some reaction from a couple of radfem bloggers (mostly Heart of Women’s Spaces) who didn’t take too friendly the idea of being lumped together with Ln; she responded with a heated exchange with BfP where she noted that not all radfems share Ln’s prejudices towards transpeople; and that it was merely "bashing radfems" to lump them all in the same bag.

 Another blogger, AradhanaD of Leftist Looney Lunchbox, decided to just come out and explicitly target B|L, Belledame, and Amber Rhea as mere moochers who tagged on to defend "dissident feminists" like Nubian and BfP merely for the purpose of scoring brownie points against radfems…as per this blast she posted at her blog (though slightly edited later):

PS. If you’re from the pro-pornstitution feminist tag team (you know who you are) that somehow miraculously appears to suddenly ‘befriend’ every dissenting feminist voice on the net, to support them with their ‘radical feminist bashing’, there’s no nice way for me to say this ‘don’t bother’. Seriously, on any other post I’d love to hear your comments – just not this one. Pornstitution is racist, it harms WOC and I have no desire to get support from any of you – just because you think ‘I’m bashing your enemy’. No thanks. I do however, encourage you to comment on my other posts if you ever feel like it because like “white radical feminists”, I do know that we have things in common – just not as many as I’d like.

Aradhana did go on to partially repudiate that last paragraph, but the damage was already done.

First Queer Dewd got pissed.

Then, she got prophetic.

And then…she got busy.

Just run your asses over to her blog (via the last link) and free your mind a bit.

Welcome home, Dewd.

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