Quick Memo To All Regular SmackChron Clones….

I’ve heard that some of you are having problems commenting to the blog due to the WordPress quirk of requiring a passsword to comment.  Sometimes it is accidental on my part (I forget that my browser automatically enters a password into the post and I forget to delete it), and sometimes it’s a flaw on WP’s part (regular members have to register to even post comments; this is to avoid anonymous hit-and-run trolls and spammers).

If you are a regular and have had this problem, please email me at anthonyk6319 at gmail dot net (make the neccessary adjustments), and I will send you a new password.  Once you are in, you have the option of changing it to whatever you desire.

This is for regular viewers ONLY…..spammers and trolls need not even try.

Also….I discovered that Blogger has updated their blogging software, and I have updated the Blogger version of the vintage SmackChron blog to the new 2.0 system.  I’m considering either reviving it as a backup in case this blog starts acting up, or even running it as a dual mirror of this blog.  Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

OK..off to work I go. 


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