Mamacita Rosarose Joins The SDC Fightin’ 101st PHHB

Not only on the strength of this righteous blast at her blog, where she lays down the law on pretender feminists, antitransgender bigots, and  slut-bashing APRF’s, all in one blow (an excerpt follows):

Oh, okay, I know! Black Amazon, BFP and other women of color whom blog! Guess what? I am one of “those women” too, and the way a lot of you white women treat WOC’s is deplorable. It is wrong. Sorry, but I don’t care how many black women, Asian women, latina women, other non-white women you know, or how many Men of Color you’ve married, slept with, made babies with, or how you, as a white woman, might identify culturally, you are STILL a WHITE WOMAN. You do NOT know what it is like to really be anything but a white woman, no matter how much you think otherwise, and all the hip-hop, biracial babies, and spicy salsa in the world isn’t going to change that. Now see, I bet you think right now that I have a problem with white women, right? Actually, I don’t. I have no problem with white women. I have white friends! But I know I am not a white woman, no matter how often I shop in the Gap or say that Seth Greene is hot. I have no problem not being a white woman. I love my culture and heritage, even if some morons see it as not as good as white. What I have a problem with is White Women who speak for WoC, the whole wide range of us, when we can do it ourselves just fine. Or when they ignore us when we dare to do so, or dismiss our first person, in the trenches WoC words and theories in favor of their own creamy ones then act as if their white makes them right, because, well, they have this friend…


The Transgender issue. My roommate? M to F. I live in South Miami Beach, which is hugely accepting of all sorts of gender sliding and expression. It is, in many ways, a utopia for those of non-concrete sexuality and sexual identity and I love it. It is a festival of difference and tolerance in most circles. And transgender people are real people, with real emotions and experiences too, and I am sick of seeing feminists attack and degrade them. “It?” Where in the numerous Chinese Hells is it okay to call someone, a living, breathing, human being “it”? Mind then if I call you “stupid bigoted cretin?” Don’t like it? Too bad, mamasita. No, trans women are not biological, born women. They have had the opportunity to suckle at the teat of the Patriarchy (Ha, the Patriarchy has teats!), but do you think, oh wise womb bearing feminists, that when they become women that the HELL they go through, physically, emotionally, in their souls, minds and bodies, and via society does not balance out the Karma just a teensy, weensy bit? Of course you don’t, that is evident, because your pain is far more valid and the only pain that matters! Most trans women I have encountered tend to be caring, soulful people who care about all women, which is more than I can say for some who were born that way. For all the boiled down whining that basically amounts to “It sucks to be a woman” you’d think some respect for women who have the intestinal fortitude to give up the “boy privilege” to BECOME women…who are subject to rape and discrimination and hate just like born women, is in order… but then again, I guess that would just give some people one less cause and thing to hate.


And rounding out the list of grievances we turn now once again to that jackbooted slut Renegade, Belle, AP and the rest of “Them”. We’ll make this simple:

“A Radical Feminist warns, "Your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead you astray. Never listen when they tell you that the Pro-porn and the Anti-Porn have a common interest….we must not come to resemble them…”

"Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure. On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more than me that all women are equal. I would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?"

One was deceiving the neighboring feminists as she was also tricking her own. The scapegoat was again “them”. "Whenever anything went wrong it became usual to attribute it to “them” ." In fact many of the claims begin to sound ridiculous to the objective mind. Of course, the mission is to keep everything subjective in the minds of the feminists.

So one, with the help of her allies, shames and silences anyone who is said to be disloyal.

The Seven Commandments:

1. Whatever alters, paints or displays its body is an enemy.
2. Whatever fully eschews the Patriarchy, or supports our causes, is a friend.
3. No feminist shall wear revealing clothes.
4. No feminist shall use her body for monetary gain.
5. No feminist shall partake of pornography or unapproved sexual practices.
6. No feminist shall shame any other feminist.
7. All women, all feminists are equal.

1. (revised) "All feminists are equal but some feminists are more equal than others."

Thank you, Mr. Orwell, a bit of tweaking and this was perfect.

So, some of you feminists, if you are going to ignore WoC, and Transwomen, and accuse others of privilege, and suggest other feminists censor or delete their blogs, perhaps you should install this Logo on you own spaces:

“True White Feminist Country; No Brown People, Non-Born Women, Non-Agreeing Females or Sluts Allowed”

….but also for this blast she just posted to RenegadeEvolution’s blog on the APRF’s obsession with bashing her (RenEv’s) new blog header logo (the one with the boxed out boobs and kick-ass boots) as "offensive" and "pornographic":

Okay, so I’ve figured it all out now, logically and everything. I, Rosa, mere student and minion of South Florida, have found the great truth of “Logogate”.

The whole problem is Ren, misanthropic evil little pornified instigator and thug that she is, just does not hate enough.

Startling, I know, especially with all that vitriol and aggressiveness she is accused of, but it is the truth!

Ren does not hate “non approved’ sexual practices, men, porn, sex work, nudity, conventional beauty, money, choice, crass and crude behavior enough. Most importantly, she does not hate herself, what she does, or what she has become nearly enough. That’s her sin. She’s augmented her breasts, shaves her body, poses nude, makes porn, gets naked for money, swings, dresses as a ‘sexbot’, and she has the nerve not to hate herself for it.

How the fuck dare she not hate herself for it?! How dare she not hate men and blame them for her “seedy, degraded lifestyle”? How dare she actually state that she is willingly this way, and wanted to be this way, and refuse to accept that the Patriarchy made her do it? How dare she take pride in the body she’s worked and paid for? How dare she show off the fruits of that work and money? How dare she enjoy the type of sex she enjoys? How dare she make a living in the field that she has chosen? How dare she do and say all these things without loathing her very existence every second of every day? How dare she not hate herself, her image, her industry, the horrible fucktoy she’s become, when all these other people say she should! How dare she?

How dare Ren not despise herself, her body, her sexuality and what men do to her? How dare she get off scott-free and in the clear when so many other women despise themselves, their bodies, their sexuality and what men have done them?

And THAT’S it, right there. She doesn’t have the solidarity of self-loathing going for her. That’s the real reason she’s offensive. The bod, the fake tits, the job, the rough sex, all of that would be fine if Ren just hated herself a little bit more. If she could weep and bemoan the evils of the Pornstitution, from a personal level, everything would be just fine.

Fuck you, Ren. Fuck you for not hating yourself. Fuck you for not crying over how the business made you starve yourself, paint yourself, shave yourself and get fake tits. Fuck you for finding that beautiful. Fuck you for not waxing on tragically about how many times you’ve been raped and forced to service men in the most dehumanized of ways. Fuck you for not crying out of sadness and despair every time you spread your legs or suck cock. Fuck you for not claiming dp and anal sex are not the most demeaning things in the universe. Fuck you for claiming to be anything other than the poor, used, dehumanized piece of meat you are. Fuck you for not being suicidal. Fuck you for not being a junkie. Fuck you for not being a single mom desperately and tragically forced into this life to support a family. Fuck you for not getting beaten. Fuck you for not having diseases. Fuck you for not being a victim. Fuck you for being alive. Fuck you for making it so hard for us. And fuck you for not being nearly miserably enough.

Like you SHOULD be.

Like WE are.

Fuck you.

2:41 PM

Or, to further condense and distill:  Fuck you, Ren, (and all other rebel feminist dissenters and heretics) for not assimilating into the APRF Borg collective.

The Official SmackDog Chronicles Fighting 101st Progressive Headslap/Headbussa Brigade(tm) just got a new souljah sista.  Welcome in, mamacita, and keep bringing it. 

BTW…I believe that with those killa boots and the new attitude, I’m adding RenEv to the team, too.

For the record, the charter members of the F 101st PHHB are (in no particular order of rank):

‘Da Queer Bitch (formerly be elle)
Nina Hartley
Kevin Andre Elliot
Ernest Greene (Nina’s husband and all around hellraiser)
Dennis Perron
Renegade Evolution
Doug Henwood/Liza Featherstone
Sheldon Ranz
Bruce Dixon and Glenn Ford of The Black Agenda Report
Shauna O’Brien (former softcore actress/model, retired)
Nubian of Blac(k)ademic (on hiatus)
Molly Ivins (posthumous)

I could have missed a few…when I think of them I’ll post them here.




2 thoughts on “Mamacita Rosarose Joins The SDC Fightin’ 101st PHHB

  1. I love finding new blogs to check out. Thanks agains for the heads up.

    And damn. I apparently keep good company.

    The Fighting 101st Progressive Headslap/Headbussa Brigade represent!

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