A Real Quote For This “Special” Day…


So the purchase of flowers, chocolate or underwear, or all the other bullshit that the shops are pushing men and women to buy for their partners doesn’t impress me. When it comes to someone expressing their affection for me, why should it involve spending money? Anyway, I want them to be romantic daily, not just one day out of 365. Give me an intelligent, funny man who cooks nice meals, gives me regular massages, and allows me access to his cock on a frequent basis, and I’ll show you a woman who’s happily loved-up. Love and romance don’t come from monetary expenditure and I refuse to buy into – or expect my partner to buy into – the philosophy that it does.

— Abby Lee, the "Girl With a One Track Mind",
talking the truth about Valentine’s Day 

Of course, if said sweetheart shows up at her house with a big glittering rock the size of a hailstone and a dick the size of Ron Jeremy (and the skillz to use it as well as his fingers and tongue), would Abby be singng the same tune??

Probably….but it’s worth asking.

Do something nice for your sweetheart today, Clones…as J-Lo sang, Love doesn’t cost a thing.  🙂


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