Just Call Me Spartacus Van SmackDog…



In social solidarity with Melissa Ewen — aka Shakespeare’s Sister — against the loopy fascist wingnutter assholes who have now reached the depths of issuing death threats against her and Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon for the "crime" and "sin" of joining John Edwards’ campaign…and for simply being a strong, progressive woman who says the truth.

Not that she needs it with the full force behind her back, but I’m offering a free gallon of Concentrated SmackDog Whupass (TM) to her and Amanda for their full use against these bastards.

Fight on, ladies.

And a huge double middle fingered salute to you, John Edwards, for allowing them to twist so long. If you defend your principles as you defended these women, then you have no claim to be dogcatcher, let alone Senator..heaven forbid, the President of the United States.

Oh, and one last thing: Spartacus freakin’ ROCKS!!!!




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