The Descending Spiral of “The Centrifuge”: Bill O’Reilly Shows His Compassion Again

WOW…the crackups and meltdowns of the Right-Wing Noise Machine continues.

So….a house in New York City populated with a family of 20 imimigrants burns down.  Eight children and one adult are killed in an instant.  Investigations reveal that the landlord of the domicile deliberately packed this unfortunate family in unsafe and dangerous conditions merely to collect the rent, and then simply abandoned them.

You would think that even the likes of Bill O’Reilly would show even a bit of mercy and thought for the family shaken by this tragedy.

As is the usual with BillO, though, you’d be thinking wrong.

You see, the family just so happens to be Black African immigrants….and that is more than enough for O’Reilly to lay out the good old "illegal aliens" card (also good for "Mexican", "Muslim" and other communities of color that can be exploited by fascist wingnutters like BillO for ratings and profits).

Some nice quotes, courtesy of those "far-left loonies" known as Media Matters:

[This from BillO’s The O’Reilly Factor program of March 8th (boldface emphasis in original)]

O’REILLY: In the "Unresolved Problem" segment tonight, a new tactic by the pro-amnesty, open-border crowd: using children to demand sanctuary for illegal aliens.

In New York City, eight children were killed last night after a fire broke out in the Bronx. Twenty-two people were living in just two apartments, 17 of them children.

Those involved are from the West African nation of Mali and may be illegal aliens. The city of New York is a sanctuary city and does not give out that information.

Four New York City firefighters were hurt trying to save people in the blaze.

Yeah, you can surely feel the love iminating from BillO….eight children are dead, but let’s go right to the "sanctuary for "illegal aliens" card from the jump.  I wonder if he would be so "compassionate" if the victims were Black Americans or Latino citizens….or wealthy Asians on the corporate payroll.

The very next day (March 9th) on the same program, O’Reilly follows the right hook with the far-right uppercut:

O’REILLY: And then there is that terrible fire here in New York City, where eight children were killed, children of parents born in Mali, West Africa. Because New York is a sanctuary city that protects illegal aliens, The Factor cannot confirm whether or not all these children were in the USA legally.

What we can confirm is that 17 children were living in a rowhouse, along with five adults, that one of the men in the house had two wives — one upstairs, one downstairs — and that living conditions were chaotic and dangerous.

After our report last night, I received this letter from [viewer] in Houston. "O’Reilly, it was despicable to hear you question the status of those children. I was a big fan of yours but I’ll never watch you again and urge others who feel compassion for immigrants not to watch you as well."

OK, [viewer], but here’s the no-spin truth, so listen up. Your so-called compassion helped kill those children. They should have never been in that circumstance. If the authorities had investigated as they should have, those kids might be alive right now, legal or not.

It is against the law to overcrowd a dwelling. It is against the law to have two wives. If any one of those people were here illegally, that is another infraction. But New York City looks the other way. It doesn’t want to know.

It is people like you, [viewer], who promote that kind of chaos in the name of compassion, who look the other way while poor workers and children are exploited by greedy landlords and businesses because you don’t like the immigration laws.

Yeah, it’s great to be compassionate sitting at home watching the tube. But for decades, our government has allowed people from all over the world to walk in here without supervision. That’s why these children are dead — because their chaotic situation was ignored by New York City authorities.

Of course, we must hold the landlords or the owners of the buliding responisble for the tragedy of this family, sayeth BillO….right after we first smack down them "compassionate" liberals and "far-left loonies" for allowing these evil aliens to come here in the first place. After all, it would be so much better to have deported their sorry Black African asses for not being rich White contributors to the proper right-wing causes…..errrrrrr, I mean, for not going through the proper channels to get here legally….BEFORE such a tragedy happens…right, Mr. O’Reilly???

And oh, how touching is this newly found respect of BillO for "poor workers and children exploited by greedy landlords and businesses"….doesn’t he know that the latter is, you know, the primary base of the Republican Party and the "conservative" movement that you claim to represent??? 

Anyways…later on in the program, BillO gets a bit tiffy with Geraldo Rivera, who manages the small shred of common decency left in his heart to call O’Reilly out on his "compassion"; which illicits this interesting exchange:

O’REILLY: I’m basically saying that we must get this situation of illegal immigration under control. The chaos is killing children. Go.

RIVERA: I think to draw — to make the connection between illegal immigration and that horrific fire in the Bronx two days ago is an injustice to the victims of that fire. Why did they die?

There’s no code violations that they found. There were no required, you know — everything in the building so far —

O’REILLY: Twenty-two people in the house.

RIVERA: There were two batteries missing in the fire alarm.

O’REILLY: Twenty-two people in a house.

RIVERA: But, Bill, the status of the immigration is not relevant.

My legal nanny has children in school with three of those victims. It is the human cause. And if you —

O’REILLY: This is what you missed. I’m going to give you the last word. But this is what you missed. This is a sanctuary city. That means the authorities do not ask any questions about anybody’s status or anybody’s condition.

RIVERA: Bill, they’re dead children, for God’s sake, they’re dead children.

O’REILLY: If they had been American children —

RIVERA: They’d still be dead children. It would still be heartbreaking.

O’REILLY: No, the authorities would have gone in and checked them out.

RIVERA: No, please. That’s not so.

O’REILLY: Yes, it is.

RIVERA: You don’t know that to be a fact.

O’REILLY: Yes, I do.

RIVERA: You don’t —

O’REILLY: You know it is.

RIVERA: — there are little babies dead. There are people — mothers throwing babies out the window. They’re dying. Falling onto the — you’ve got to be compassionate, brother. You’ve got to be compassionate.

O’REILLY: Twenty-two people in a rowhouse. They don’t let people do that.

RIVERA: You gotta take a step back and say, "Wait a second, this isn’t about illegal immigration. This is about the human cost of a terrible tragedy."

O’REILLY: This is about a system —

RIVERA: Those firemen were crying. They were crying because the babies died.

O’REILLY: Four of the firemen were almost killed.

RIVERA: That’s right.

O’REILLY: And that situation never should have existed. Never.

RIVERA: Please, I’ve covered poverty in this country for 35 years. I’ve seen legal poor people living under conditions far more squalid than that. That was a working family at a good school. You’ve gotta divorce their status from their victimization.

O’REILLY: They have to be supervised. And they weren’t.

 Anyone wants to bet that the four firemen who BillO is praising happen to be White?? I mean, I guess that it’s more important to him that four White firemen be prevented from injury than the fate of 18 Black immigrants holed up in a hellish situation be "supervised" for their legal citizen status and tagged as "illegal aliens" to be deported….all in the name of saving their lives, I would venture.

Man.  That must be one cold, cold heart that beats within Bill O’Reilly’s body.  Either that, or he’s simply a serial racist and an uptown Klansman who hides his hood and robe inside his Armani suit.  Probably a bit of both.

Nice going, FUX Snooze….the depths you sink to continue to amaze me.  Between O’Reilly, Coulter, Hannity and Jabba the Fat-Ass Limbaugh, that should produce enough density to power a black hole..or a hundred.

And BTW, this just in….Scooter Libby was still found guilty of four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice…some rumors aside.  Nice try, though.


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