Another Day, Another Meme: “Five Questions”

2)First off, here’s the rules, as sent to me by Renegade Evolution:

1) Solicit an interview through another blogger’s comment section.
2) Said blogger sends you five questions of varying intimacy for you to answer.
3) You answer them in your blog (with proper credit and linkage).
4) You then solicit others if they want to be interviewed.
5) If they do, then you must send them five Q’s for them to answer….and so on.

And now….the Henchwoman’s High Five, along with my responses:

1)  Aside from Nina [Hartley], who are your favorite porn stars?

I have to break it down into subcategories, since there are so many women I adore:
Hardcore Pros (besides Nina): Vicky Vette, Avy Scott, Heather Hunter, Shayla LaVeaux, Rebecca Lord, Kylie Irleand, Ava Devine, Desiree Cousteau, Gina Lynn, Vanessa del Rio, Bethany Sweet, Cara Lott, Sativa Rose
Hardcore SemiPro/Amateurs: Bridgett Lee, Naughty Allie, Nikki Jackson, Rebecca Jessop, Jan Burton
Softcore Pros: Shauna O’Brien, Kira Reed, Julie Strain, Monique Parent 

2) As a kid, you wanted to grow up to be a….?

First a policeman; then, when I got deep into music, a band director.

3) What is one of your role models?

Nelson Mandela….gotta admire someone willing to suffer so much personally to liberate an entire nation.

4) Favorite band/artist?

I was raised on 70s funk and "The Elements" (Earth, Wind, & Fire)…but my heart and soul gotta stick with Olivia [Newton-John].  

5) You seem to love the drumline action…do you play?

Sadly, no….I was actually more of a woodwind specialist in college, and I never quite made it to get my degree for whatever reason.  Still, I’m big on marching bands (especially the high-stepping "showbands") and I just like d-lines that can execute and entertain.


All right….who wants to play along??  As Beyonce would say: "To the left, to the left….."


1 thought on “Another Day, Another Meme: “Five Questions”

  1. Julie Strain! I love her. She cracks me up. And Ava Devine is…nuts! Cool, but nuts! Heh.

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