The Fine Art of Propaganda: FUX Snooze Distorts “Indonesia Playboy” Conviction

Ahhhh, the fine art of right-wing propaganda…..sometimes they try to pound you with the hammer; other times they try a more subtle approach. This next story is probably more of the latter.

Everyone knows about the right-wing distortion box also know as the FOX News Channel (or, as my cyberfriend ‘Bina Becker so obtusely calls them, "FUX Snooze"), and their continuous attempt to lay it out for all things right(-wing) and proper(ly reactionary) and American (especially the native, rich, White kind…non-wingnutters need not apply).You also know how much they really love to hate Muslims….not just the more extreme fundamentalists who bomb American buildings, but all Muslims who supposedly are so jealous and hateful of  "our way of life".  Most of this is in the more direct form of the proficient pontificating of FOX’s main hitmen (Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Tony Snow (just before he moved his propaganda agency over to the White House and became Dubya’s press secretary), Brit Hume, and John Gibson, among others); but sometimes it shows up in even the most conspicious places.

For example: dig this recent story about all the brohaha over an obscenity conviction in Indonesia that was posted to the website:

Playboy Editor in Indonesia Found Guilty; Protesters Call for Death Sentence

JAKARTA, Indonesia — 

The editor of Playboy magazine in Indonesia was found guilty and faces a two-year jail term for violating moral norms by publishing pornographic images and stories, while protesters called for him to be hanged.


More than 150 members of the Indonesian People Forum said Erwin Arnada should die for his crimes, chanting "hang him, hang him," according to a Reuters report.

"He was found guilty for violating moral norm that spark people unrest," Prosecutor Resni Muchtar said during a hearing in South Jakarta District Court Tuesday, the Post reported. He said the maximum punishment was two years and eight months.

Arnada manned the magazine, famous around the world for publishing racy shots of scantily clad, if clad at all, women.

The Indonesian edition of the magazine, however, did not feature nudity and was not as risque as other magazines on sale in Indonesia.

The magazine’s first edition sparked protests in Indonesia last April although it had no nudity and less flesh visible in the issue than many other magazines on sale in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Indonesia, BTW, is 90% Muslim in its population…a fact that probably didn’t escape the copy editor which posted this story, I figure.

Sounds like an open and cut case of baiting Muslims for their extremism in erotica, right?? I mean, you do know that no Christian in this country would EVER even think of going so far as to prosecute and convict people for publishing scantily-clad women in bikinis??  Or even nude photos, right??

Ahhh…but you miss the rest of the story. The above article hinted to a Reuters report that quoted the "150 protestors" calling for Mr. Amada to be hung for "inciting lust"..but somehow forgot to add a link to that article. (Reuters must be one of them baaaaad "far-left loony outfits", I guess.) But fear not, Clones; I went to my trusty Google Search and managed to find the original article they wrote…and needless to say, it strikes a bit different tone:

Two-year jail sought for Playboy Indonesia editor

Tue Mar 13, 2007 1:52 AM ET

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Prosecutors on Tuesday demanded a Jakarta court punish the editor of Playboy Indonesia with a two-year jail term for distributing indecent pictures to the public and making money from them.

The magazine’s first edition sparked protests in Indonesia last April although it had no nudity and less flesh visible in the issue than many other magazines on sale in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Editor-in-chief Erwin Arnada has argued Playboy Indonesia was good for developing a pluralistic society in the country, but the prosecution and Islamic hardliners who have regularly attended his trial since late last year said he had "harmed the nation’s morals".

"The pictures selected by the defendant were improper for publication because they violated decency and aroused lust," prosecutor Resni Muchtar told the South Jakarta court.

More than 100 Muslim protesters in the courtroom criticized the prosecution for being soft, shouting "Hang him, Hang him".

Radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, who spent time in jail for the deadly 2002 Bali bombings before being acquitted by the Supreme Court, also attended the trial.

"The prosecution’s demand does not match the damage that Playboy has inflicted. We want the judges to give the defendant a heavier sentence," he told reporters.

Under Indonesian laws, sentencing demands from the prosecution serve as strong advice to judges who can hand down harsher sentences or dismiss the case altogether.

[…] [Full article linked at title]

 OK…so Indonesia has its own brand of fundamentalist extremists who would hang people for "inducing lust"….like Christianity doesn’t have its own loonies???  Some of whom actually sit in the highest offices of the land here in the US of A?? But…its all about them Mooooslems, I guess.

Not also how FUX manages to get the numbers wrong….probably a real reason why they didn’t explicitly link the Reuters’ article, too.

Now, to be fair to FUX Snooze, they did manage to link a similar article on the Indonesian Playboy dispute from an outfit called…which operates out of the UCLA Asia Institute; they quoted the Jakara Post online newspaper articles themselves. (Of course, a rich, right-wing outfit like FOX News can’t afford to actually have news bureaus in Indonesia, so relying on second-hand news sources I guess does them fine, I reckon.)  

All I want to know is this: How in the holy hell can the folks who watch FOX News (most of them probably hate porn with a passion in public (while their husbands and boyfriends surf the Internet for it in the background); comprehend this dissonance of philosophy?? I mean, how can you say on the one hand that porn is bad, bad, bad and those who consume it should be at least sent to the nearest "addiction" center for immediate treatment, if not jailed…and on the other hand, pillory other cultures for doing just about what you’d like to do??  Oh, I forgot already, silly me….it’s all because of the Moooooooslems and their innate hatred of America; nothing we have done (invading and occupying Iraq on false circumstances; backing to the hilt Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians; showering Israel with tons of nukes while threatening to invade Iran for one nuclear plant; all that notwithstanding) would ever justify such deep loathing and hatred, right??? brain’s starting to hurt, and I have to go to work soon..I think that I’ll just leave it at that and let you think on that.


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