“Abu-Attorneygate”: The Obscenity Angle (Instant Linkage)

Later on when I’m back from work, I’ll riff further on this…but for now, please feel free to use the following linkage for background:

Max Blumenthal (The Nation): The Porn Plot Against Prosecutors (A nice and juicy investigative story about one angle of Abu Gonzales’ attempted purge of US Attorneys for insufficient loyalty to right-wingnut activism….ahhh, I mean, not being "loyal Bushies": the plot against two attorneys for not going far enough to prosecute certain porn)

Matt Kernes (Adult Video News Online): Attorney Says Justice Department Sold Same ‘Obscene’ Material As His Client: A bit of further detail into the firing of one particular attorney, along with details on the particular case (caution, link is OK, but may further link to NSFW material)

Not that the other angles (protecting AbuG’s snooping on American citizens; covering the ass of Repub crooks like Abramoff and Cunningham and DeLay; trumping up charges of Democratic "voting fraud") aren’t as important….but you know kow people tend to react more to sex scandals, ehhh???

As I said..more on this later.


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