Announcing: The New Lady Chatterley Boudoir Blog!!!

OK…just for those of you who may be more interested in the more erotic thoughts that may get into my brain, I have decided to create a new, more adult blog for that very purpose.

The Lady Chatterley Boudoir Blog is based on the many erotic groups that I have maintained over the years over at Yahoo! and MSN; it will be focused mainly on the subject of sex and sexual desire and how it constructs, destructs, reconstructs, and basically obsesses us — but mostly, it will be a tribute to the basic radical notion that "Sex is pretty damn nice, and pleasure is good for you."

Naturally, because of the subject matter involved — and my own really dirty mind..heheh — this blog will NOT be for the faint of heart, the prudish, or the antiporn feminists or fundamentalists out there.  It will occasionally venture into the explicit, the graphic, and even the kinky side of sexuality; and no holds will be barred in either content or language. (Naturally, since it will be an ADULT-oriented blog, all the usual NSFW disclaimers apply…though I will do my best to keep it from becoming a beacon for the usual sex spammers and spambots (comment moderation will be fully loaded, so don’t even think about it).

All of the usual suspects and freaks are invited to join along and give whatever feedback or comments you wish, as always.

Here’s the addy in case you want to see the initial construction:

Remember, it will be ADULTS ONLY and you will have to get approved from me to join in.


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