From Man-On-Dog to Man-on-…Dolphin?!?!? Anti-Gay Opponents Go Wild!!

Just when you think that the Christian FRight can’t get any loopier and more desperate…

The following two YouTube clips are from mikect of, a progressive blog based in Connecticut (hat tip also to Pam Spaulding of Pandagon as well) depicting the heights of lunacy at a legislative hearing on a recently passed Conneticut law granting equal protection to same-sex marriages. Suffice it to say, they are at the very least, quite interesting. (Even with the added visual production by Mike to aid the confused.)

First, we have a gentleman named Robert Muckle, named as head of Connecticut Right To Life, testifying on the dire and evil and satanic effects of the "sexual revolt" on decent White Christians.



And now, here’s a collage of other dear Christian FRight opponents of same-sex marriage testifying at the same hearing…and be forwarned, there is reference to "man on dolphin sex" later on in the clip.



WOW….and I thought that only antipornradfems could stoop so low in their desperation.

BTW….for those of you in The Nutmeg State and elsewhere who aren’t nearly as nutty as these fools and would like more info on the Marriage Equality Act in Connecticut, MyLeftNutmeg has all the details along with a full transcript and more testimony from the hearing (including from supporters); you can find it here.

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