….And Here They Come

Did I or did I not say that the dropping of charges in the Duke rape case would bring out the "poor White men, assaulted by evil racist Blacks and ‘feminazi’ sluts" lobby in earnest??

Case in point: this comment that showed up here in response to my own thread, from a "UncleWeirdNoise":

I’d imagine due to the obvious being very clear that the alleged “victim” simply figured she could get paid for fabricating this supposed rape. Just think of how much money the girl who accused Kobe Bryant of raping her was paid out of court. She’s most likely a very rich girl right now. People make up bullcrap lies just to “settle out of court” and retire early and live the life of a king or queen. It was interesting watching little boy malik zulu shabazz rip to pieces anything relative to white people and raise to the high heavens in praise anything to do with blacks. It’s further interesting that he went to and graduate? from a black school. Most likely he’d have been kicked out at any other school. He’s completely disrespected and spit in the faces of his parents who named him when he changed his name. He called the duke situation “altered and manipulated” by whitey. Racism will never go away with people like him in this world. A federal prosecutor , who is black and female, even referred to the “victim” in the duke rape case. That slip of the tongue told the true story because a person’s innermost feelings are the first to pop out of their mouths in words. Michelle Milkan caught her on that and it was absolutely comical watching this black female prosector dance around like she was on a hot tin roof trying to back step out of clearly showing her racist attitude.

Bark like a dog.

Gee…like your own racist feelings, Unc??

First off…how in the hell do you know what the accuser in the Kobe Bryant case got out of her settlement? And since there was no trial, do we really know if Bryant really did rape her or whether it was simply a case of a wanted sexual encounter gone badly wrong?

Secondly, settlements require the approval of both sides…..and I’m guessing that if one side felt that their case was strong enough, they wouldn’t agree to settle.

Now, onto this "little boy" smack:  I don’t know Malik Zulu Shabazz, and I don’t remember quoting him either….but he only speaks for himself and his organization, not for all Black people. He no more represents the mass opinion of  all Black folk than David Duke represents all Whites…and last time I noticed, he was an adult entitled to his opinions, just as you are.

But what fascinates me sooooo much, Unc, is that you make such a big deal of Shabazz attending a Black college, as if they all are so inferior and incubators for "anti-White racism".  Uhhhh…you do realize that you are posting to a blog hosted by a Black man who attended a HBCU (Southern University), do you?? If HBCUs are so inferior to your chosen school (Louisiana Tech, perhaps?? Since that’s in your email addy), then why are they accredited by the same authorities as the PWCs (predominantly White colleges)??

And oh, please spare me the waterworks about the "racist attitude" of the prosecutor: real women do get raped more than on occasion, and they get raped a second time in the judicial system by shysters who use the victim’s/accuser’s private sex affairs to demonize her and allow her perpetrator to get off. Maybe not this case or the Kobe Bryant case, but it does happen far too often.

Oh, and one last thing before I show you the door, Unc: When Black folks retain the power to forcibly immigrate whle countries of White folks from their home country to exploit them as slaves; when Black folks form private bands of hooded and robed militias to intimidate and beat (and even kill) White folks; when Blacks retain 80-95% of all the political and economic power in this country and use it to extend their privileges; and most of all; when White folk are strung up en masse on trees, stung with cattle prods, dragged on roads, and otherwise assaulted in the same way that Black folks have been and are still being assaulted……maybe then, you’ll come across as anything other than a White racist asshat.

Yes, I do bark, Unc…..and now, I show my bite.  Your stay here is done. 

This will be my new policy towards trollers with an agenda: you get one chance to show yourself.  If you are up for genuine humane conversation, then we can talk further.  If you are only here for drive-by agitprop or gratituous insults, then I break out the buzzer. To use the former Bitch|Lab’s saying: This is not a free carrier.


3 thoughts on “….And Here They Come

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  2. did i get it?????  I think I actually got this shit figured out anthony!!!!!!!


    Here’s to my first official comment at your site!


    (Which is–RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

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