….And The Black Hole Of APRF Lunacy Gets Ever Deeper…

[Updated to correct the record as to who really did post that nonsense….apparantly Heart at Womens’ Spaces decided to give the game away.

Posted to Heart’s Womens’ Spaces blog

“# Pony Says:
April 17th, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Please let this comment through Heart.

I appreciate a safe place to clear this up.

Sam did not make the comment posted on Ren Ev’s blog. I did. The person who took my words had to have been someone who pledged to honour privacy among Genderberg forum members, the majority of whom are battered, raped and victimized women trying to recover, come together at Genderberg to fight the juggernaut of pornographers, rapists, batterers, and women haters that flourish elsewhere online. I trust you will take this post back to your friends Jill.

Thanks Heart.”

Personally, whether it came from Pony or Sam or Heart doesn’t really matter to me….same shit, different mouth.]


Oh. My. GODDESS…..

Get a load of this comment by Sam of Genderberg that was dropped at her message board Pony that was posted to Sam’s Genderburg forum [thanks to Jill and Ren for correcting that previous error of mine] concerning Renegade Evolution’s spirited defense of herself and her profession. Apparantly, if Sam is to be taken as fact, Ren’s been a tad distrustful about her actions:

I believe Ren Ev is porn marketing. There are many ways to market. What she’s doing is called astro turfing. I wrote about it in that other thread. This type of marketing gets those people who don’t like ads, but don’t get that ads can take many forms, and one of the most successful is to make the AD seem like a program, or an article, or a blog. She’s a front, something like BitchPhD is. That’s another type of advertising. Ren Ev’s being paid to popularize porn. No marketing initiative would ignore that type of marketing and the big porn market is now being managed by Time Warner and it’s peers with all their marketing engine. This astro turfing is far the most effective nowadays, when people are sick of ads, marketers can still use methods like this to slide by. All those people who are drawn to REs blog, daily grow more and more accustomed to seeing her as just another performer. She’s popularizing it. Taking the sting ot of it. Apparently she wrote about ass to mouth recently. No problem. Just use listerine. And they listen to her. She’s marketing. She’s archived by google. She comes up on searches for words and subject matter used in everyday searches. And that’s the point of her blog.”

Oh, Ren, Ren, Ren, you hottie Matrix you…how have you betrayed us??? 😉

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on you POV) the Genderberg forum is closed for guests and requires registration and prior approval to get in..but someone was apparantly able to break through the code and forward that last missile of brilliance to Ren, who just posted it at her blog this morning.

But please…don’t let that stop you from marvelling at the wonderful thought process of crackpots like Sam, who apparantly can’t face the basic fact of having a real live human being challenging her opinions and theories. Of course, Ren is an invention of Time Warner and the big “porn companies” (never mind that the only connection that Time Warner has with porn is that their cable/satelitte/Internet entities allow it to be broadcast over their airwaves and Internet streams); and of course, it’s all a big corporate plot to weaken resistance to ATM porn and all those other degrading sex practices that rape and kill women…including dildos, vibrators, and any penetration not involving the correct radfem principles.

And what a nice drive by smackback at Bitch, PhD (or maybe, Sam meant Bitch|Lab/QueerDewd??), I guess that even a feminist blogger who is highly critical of porn yet doesn’t completely drink the Kool-Aid and endorse the Heart(less)/LuckyNkl/Genderberg/Ann Bartow/Melissa Fairley/Nikki Craft doctrine is merely an invisible ad invention of the big porn corporations, too.

Oh, but I’m just waiting for Sam or Pony of anyone else of the APRF Brigade to break out that yours truly is a paid agent of Hustler and Vivid….the paycheck for my services must be in the mail, as it has been for the past 5 years.


Just. Plain. Fucking. Loonys.

1 thought on “….And The Black Hole Of APRF Lunacy Gets Ever Deeper…

  1. pretty certain they mean Bitch PhD.  the Suicide Girls thing, you know.  means she was a Cylon all along apparently.  who the fuck knows.  I don’t speak “batshit”

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