The APRF Cult Strikes Again: Drive-Bys @ Ren & A Whackjob Named Der Gregor

It has been quite amusing watching the antipornradicafeminist beehive lately in its attempts to wipe out their critics.

It wasn’t enough for them to go straight to the "wasp" vs. "honeybee" card and demonize the evil threats from outside the hive (including such traitors like Laura and Andrea, not to mention the likes of "Ambutt", "Belledodo", "PorniePrincess" and "Retrograde Evolution" for having the gall to face the world without the approval of the APRF hive mentality.  But when former radfems who actually start using their brain cells and their eyes and ears to actually see the world from a view other than the Gospels of MacKinnon, Dworkin, and Raymond and actually begin to question their former beliefs…well, let’s just say that things can get ugly.

The latest case in point was mentioned in the last post here: Heart(less)’s base smackdown of Ren for her reaction of anger to Antiprincess pulling her blog due to the insane harrassment by the usual suspects, not to mention the abuse that Jill Brenneman, Andrea (at The Silver Oak Leaf) and a few other women have been getting).  OK, so Ren did get pretty pissed enough to go to the "Fall under a truck and die choking on your own blood" card…but then again, Ren usually gets that way when something or someone really yanks her chain.  How that outburst translates to "silencing" of antipornradfem voices, however, is a mystery that only Heart and her allies could let us in on. (Especially when Heart refuses to even allow the accused to defend themselves of those charges.)  In the same breath that she dropped that charge at Ren, she closed down comments at her blog. But, since she’s a regular at the Genderberg forum, I’m sure that she will have a grand old time further bashing and trashing Ren as a slut/whore/cock-sucking sexbot handmaiden slave to all rapist men.

But even Heart looks practically statesman compared to another particular antipornradfem activist who has been more than a bit active lately. Just go over to Jill Brenneman’s blog and scroll to the comments section of some of her latest entries…and witness the deep thought of a certain male radfem troll named Der Gregor, who has decided that he and he alone will be the representative of APRF thought.

Here are but a few highlights of Gregor’s mindset, some of which in response to Jill, and some in response to other commentators’ attempts to counter his pseudo-theology:

"I don’t need studies and statistics to tell me that there is a relationship between pornography and real violence against women. My body remembers." — Woman’s testimony, 1983.*


Pornography’s influence is not limited to where it is presented. Those who use it are changed by it. It becomes acceptable in their minds for them to treat all women in the way they see the women in the pornography. It becomes "okay" for them to view women as sexual objects. When men treat women as sexual objects, they do not relate to them on a human to human level. They begin to think it is all right for them to say things to them they would never say to a fellow human being. The respect, the camaraderie is lost.

It is not "okay" for men to view women as sexual objects. Pornography is not "okay". It has begun to proliferate our media, our magazines, our internet, our television. What abour our children? They are seeing this too. Do we really want our children growing up in a world like this? How do you think the children would feel to know how men are viewing their mothers? Their teachers? Their friends? Is this really how we want our world, folks?

— Response to Jill’s essay "Difference between sex work and trafficking"; where Gregor mimes APRF crackpot Diana Russell

Jill, feminism is a political movement. Not a special interest group. Feminism is here as a direct result of a worldwide oppression of Women by men. Feminism is here to become the first life affirming and woman -centered political philosophy that has ever been presented to human society, and it would have been there as a movement mush earlier it’s advent only blocked because of men’s monstrous oppression of women, children and anybody else who was weaker and could be consumed in patriarchy’s jaws.

Your movement not a political movement, exept for the fact that it is doing men’s work. As a feminist, i do not blame you personaly because as you know, this is a worlwide disease that causes not only harm to women but also causes the abused to identify with the abuser.


hat happens in the mind : words from another feminist=

Another reason it’s hard is because there’s a tremendous psychological identification with the oppressor. There’s an absolutely brilliant book called Loving To Survive: Sexual Terror, Men’s Violence, and Women’s Lives by Dee Graham. She’s come up with the concept of Societal Stockholm Syndrome. Her basic thesis is that just as captives bond to their captors in hostage situations, women–and any group that’s oppressed–will bond to men or the group that has social power. Everybody should read this book. It’s incredibly important.

Note the thinly veiled implication that Jill, by opposing Gregor’s positions, is "bond[ing] to men or the group that has social power.  In short, even though Jill has said not a word about porn and focused her efforts solely on getting sex workers some floor level of self-protection, her refusal to simply ape the APRF position of "prostituted women" as innate victims of male lust brands her, in Gregor’s eyes, as a tool of men. (All this, BTW, by a man who claims to be an adherent of feminism, no less.)

Again, there you people go with the upside down reality….

most people spend at least some of their time, doing healthier things that obsessing about the evils of radical feminism and extolling the virtues of porn and prostitution.

This is your job it seems, and a full time job. porn in the morning porn in the afternoon, porn in the evening. I think people notice this. either A)= you are being paid to do this Jill, or B)=this topic is something that ossupies your mind 24/7.

— Response to Jill’s essay "Genderberg Blog Topic: Jill Brenneman"

Of course, he’s the one who’s posting constant drive-by smacks there…so who’s really the obsessed one here??

Because prostitution isn’t work, it is sexual slavery and violently enforced physical and psychological submission for almost all of the 40 million prostituted women and girls in the world. Prostituted men, women and Chidren around the world overwhelmingly do not want prostitution legalized and most call it what they have to do to survive but don’t elevate or dignify their bodily violations in prostitution as work.


You are nothing but an endless parade of lies and smarm . No matter how many times you try to re-package your very sleazy position, it is clear that you are here for, exploitation.Every time I interact with a pro porn male I feel like I have to take a shower .Can *you* address the point that today, from  Copenhagen a place where protitution is legal I recieved a letter from a woman informing me that two  14 year olds were found tricking in the "legal’ red light district? We are talking about young girls , our sisters you pervert, but you don’t care about that, of course not.

— responding in Jill’s essay "Responding to Janice Raymond’s Ten Reasons Not To Legalize Prostitution" (Note: the last quote was directed at me, not Jill.)

And he has an interesting way to deal with men who don’t march in perfect goose step, too…witness this response to Iamcuriousblue in another thread:

The point is that *you* are a  MALE prostitutor  >porn pusher< and  that  you, who are infesting Women’s lives Women’s bodies and Women’s conciousness with your dehumanizing  *garbage* are in no position to tell anyone where to participate in the feminist movement.

Funny..I thought that I was the "porn pusher". But I guess that any male who gets an erection at the sight of an naked or scantily clad female who willingly invites them to share in her lust and pleasure must be inevitably a degrading and dehumanizing "porn pusher", ehhh, Gregor???

This asshat makes Sam look practically moderate in her zealotry, no??

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