Way To Go Again, Heart(less)….

What a wonderful show of hypocrisy you have offered us.

You allow your bandwidth of your blog to be used for the most personal and hateful ad honimen attacks on critics of your antipornradfem ideology.

You tolerate — if not openly enable — some of the most racist, bigoted commentators known to womankind (Luckynkl with her anti-transsexual smack, Ginmar with her conspiracies of Black women enabling the evil male enemy against innocent White women, Sam with her basic boilerplate about the assumed rapicity and mass rape fantasies of those who aren’t as zealously opposed to “pornstitiution” as she is; and Delphyne and Pony on general man-/sex- baiting principle)..then hide behind your own “race traitor” history when rightfully called out on your nonsense.

You and your APRF allies continuously and regularly distort, abuse, dehumanize, objectify, and personally attack other women and other feminists when their views don’t perfectly match with your own….all in the name of unifying sisterhood and attacking “dehumanization” and “objectification”, of course).

And you do all this, and escape to your firewall of privacy whenever the people you desecrate attempt to defend themselves, or merely speak the truth about themselves.

And yet….you have the unmittigated GALL to accuse Renegade Evolution of “threatening” and “silencing” you and your allies….because she got tired of your personal attacks on her and her friends, and used some words of anger to boot against your sensitive, fragile being???

That’s quite rich of ‘ya, considering that you allow your blog to be used for slandering and crucifying the likes of Jill Brenneman, Antiprincess, Amber, Ren, Bitch|Lab, Laura and Faith, (the latter two being, strangely enough, still quite anti-porn, in spite of all the evil “wasp” influences), among others. Not to mention that you don’t even allow them the common decency of defending themselves….you are so quick to shut comments down when it suits your needs..but allow your groupies to fire at will without any hint of censure??

This is radical feminism, indeed??? More like Radical RIGHT fascism cloaked in “feminist” garb.

These are my words and mine only….as always, I don’t attempt to speak for anyone else. Besides, Ren has responded quite adequately here.

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