FauxNewsChannel Whacks The Oxy(contin) Addict On Serial Killers Being Liberals

Thanks to ‘Bina Becker for granting me permission to post this video.

Sooooo…Rushbo says that the Va Tech shooter was a liberal trained by liberals to hate the rich, right????


Does he know about the history of serial killers??

Does he really want to go there??

Thankfully for us, FauxNewsChannel.com (a spoof of the original FOXNews site) has the facts…as stated in this YouTube video.  Take that along with your bootleg Viagra on your next sex trip to the Bahamas, Fat-Ass:


 And let’s not forget about Eric Rudolph, Andrea Yates, Ted Bundy, Susan Smith, and on, and on, etc., etc., ….


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