An Open Letter To The APRF Cult (On The Silencing of Renegade Evolution)

[UPDATE #2: Ren just announced that she is now imposing her own personal moratorium on discussion on radical feminism.  Sigh…another voice silenced.

And Andrea over at the Silver Leaf Oak has announced that her blog will be going private soon in response to the assaults on her.  And another…

And…Chasingmoksha has stepped up her attacks on me personally; I posted this response at W-W’s blog (reposted here in case she decides to delete it for obvious reasons):

Now, I know that being the Porn-Loving Patriarch that I am (not really), that my views will probably not get through the filters imposed by W-W…but Chasingmoksha’s mention of me is just too much to resist….so I will try my best.

Is it not enough for you that Ren has said openly and publically that she would stop “trashing” you and your sister ideologues, CM?? Or perhaps, only a full confession of her sins as a “sexbot” and a slut, followed by a ritual self-flagellation and a conversion to the Church of MacDworkinism will do for you?

And what I say at my blog or any other blog is MY words and MY words alone…I am paid by no one (except my current employer, and they don’t really care about what I do when I’m off the clock.

And hell, yes, I am openly and unabashedly critical of what you so aptly call “radical feminism”, because it has been proven time and time again to be nothing more than a Trojan horse for the most vile personal hatreds and loathing of women — and feminists, too — whose only crime is to not march in perfect goose step with your chosen ideology of sex-baiting and universal, collective guilt.

If you are going to quote my blog and my words, at least have the decency to smack me down in public rather than hiding behind a firewalled blog. But then again, decency hasn’t been much of a presence here lately.

You made the wine, ladies…now you will drink the cup. You will be treated as you treat others.

Oh…and please, oh, for Goddess’ sake, do please bring out all the “dirt” you can find on me you can. You may have intimidated Andrea and Ren to silence…but I believe in rapid response in kind when attacked….and I’ve survived much worse.

It is officially on, ladies. You want a reasoned debate, I’m right here. You want to go nuclear….well, I’m still here. Let’s dance.



[UPDATE:  The woman who originally outed the Genderberg forum piece attacking Ren to begin with has just put out her own blog with an explanation of why she did it….and a nice and through smackdown of the APRF cultists.

Please go over to Deep Feminist’s new Radical Feminist Terrorism blog and hear her out.

Radical Feminist Terrorism: Enough Is Enough


Influenced by this thread over at Witchy-Woo’s place; and this response by Ren)

Well, ladies (and specifically, W-W, StormyCloud, Delphyne, Heart(less), Chasingmoksha, Ly, Shannon, and Pony)….are you satisfied now with yourselves?

I guess that it really wasn’t enough for you to trash Ren personally merely because you don’t like her chosen profession, her personal sex life, or her looks.  Nor is it enough to take an insult used in anger and rage at the verbal assualt that you imposed on her cyberfriends and colleagues and distort it into a all out "trashing of radical feminists", prompting her banishment from your esteemed radfem space and of all sisterhood forever and ever.

But now…you had to go and threaten to out her private, personal life….until and unless she ceases to "attack" radical feminists.

Funny..but I didn’t know that laws against blackmail and invasion of personal privacy were mere tokens of the "patriarchy" to be broken at will when it suits your purpose.

But what I don’t get is this: y’all say that you support the highest of feminist values….but since when is threatening to "out" someone merely because they simply don’t march in perfect goose step with your beliefs such a feminist value?? Since when does lecturing another woman that her personal decisions about her own body (which do no harm to herself or to others, BTW) are innately "destructive" to all "sisterhood" and should be shunned with the scarlet letter "S" ( for "sexbot"??? "Slut"??? "Sell out"???) for all time???

Oh, but I forgot…..this is ANTI-PORN RADICAL FEMINISM, where this is done all the time.  Ask Bitch|Lab.

And the sad thing is, that such lowdown intimidation tactics do tend to work sometimes.  Ren has already posted a long response saying that she will back off if Stormy does the same. My guess is that the latter simply won’t….in fact, like Uncle Karl and the Swift Boat Liars and the Right-Wing Noise Machine to which these "ladies" really do aspire to; they will take this as a sign to threaten and harrass more critics…and who knows, maybe even report them to the authorities.  You know..those same authorities controlled by the very patriarchy they allegedly oppose??

But, got to break some eggs to make an omlet, and if fighting global patriarchy and menz’ oppression (read, their erections and women’s "moist pussies") means breaking a few sluts and sexbots (and even a few legitimate feminists) and selling them out to the same patriarchy….well everything will be better after the revolution.

You may have broken Ren (or not), but there are too many of us — male progressive and progressive feminist — who do see through your bullshit; and won’t be so intimidated.  And please, please, for Goddess’ sake, please do put out as much "dirt" on our personal lives as you can…all that shows is how fundamentally weak your movement really is. 

To paraphrase the Electic Light Orchestra’s classic "Evil Woman": "You made the wine, now you drink the cup." You think you’ve seen bad; but you just don’t know how bad we can really get when we are pushed too far.

It’s officially on, ladies. The "sexbots" and their "patriarchial" male friends and supporters start fighting back NOW.  Deal with it.


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