The (Darrell) Gates Doctrine: Alive And Busting Heads In LA

Times may change, and the target of the LAPD’s police thuggery may change (from prostitutes to Black men to Latinos protesting)…but the basic principle remains the same: No Humans Involved.

Witness the latest round of the Gangstas in Blue busting "non-lethal" violence upon peaceful protesters at a May Day immigrants’ rights rally in LA (as videographed by the local LA FOX affiliate (via YouTube):


And not even the media was exempted this time: this loop shows a Invision cameraman being attacked and his camera taken away from him:

The right to peaceful assembly??  To express your grievances with government?? To defend your right to exist as a human being?? Yeah, right….not if you are targeted as an "illegal alien"…or a "gangsta"….or a "whore"…or if you simply aren’t rich or White enough to buy your justice.

Oh…but current chief William Bratton now says that "some" of his cops’ actions were "inappropriate".  Eeee-yah. Like Rodney King’s ass whooping was innapropriate after…what, the 23rd bash with the nightstick??

Of course, the usual right-wing noise machine will defend this police riot as very much appropriate against the dire threat of "Mexifornia" and "Atzlan"….but what of the rest of you??

Justice….or more like "just us"???

I could say more..but Nezua, BfP, Sylvia, and a few others have documented this travesty far better than I could…so here’s the appropriate linkage:

The Unapologetic Mexican (Nezua):
          The Right of Peaceful Assembly. Gone.
          The True Face of Progressivism 
          ALLIES Is One Letter Away From ALIENS 

Women of Color Blog (Brownfemipower):
          We Are All Criminals
          LAPD Is Not Racist; It’s Not Hyper-Aggressive.  It’s Really Not 
          State Brutality Is Not An Anomaly
          MacArthur Park Brutality

The Anti-Essentialist Conondrum (Sylvia):
          Watch and Read

Para Justicia y Libertad!! (XicanoPwr):
         May Day Violence at Los Angeles’ MacArthur Park

Migra Matters:
         Riot Police Use Rubber Bullets to Disperse Immigrant Marchers 

Guerillas In The Matrix:
         Police Violence at LA Immigration March

C*ntensquirten (R. Mildred):
        LAPD Fire On Young And Old Alike (Again)

LA Indymedia (extensive coverage):
      Police Terror In The Park (includes extensive links to various views of the brutality)
      Greens Condemn Brazen Brutality of LAPD
      May Day, 2007: A Report To Correct The Balance
      Police Attack Peaceful May Day Rally
      Cops Terrorize May Day Protestors
      AJLPP Condemns Police Brutality Against Immigrants

More links as they become available….

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