A Couple of Fun Video Clips: “Phone Wars”, and “Bubblicious”

Just to show that things need not be all serious here all the time.

First, there is this short vignette featuring the extremes to which certain phone companies will go to get your business…even if it means giving one "the business"..heheh:



glumbert.com – Switch — h/t to ‘Da Original Sex Goddess (aka Nina Hartley) for sharing
And then, there is this very short but sweet spoof of a commercial for bubble gum…..which has some…well, shall we say, interesting side effects:

 "Bubblicious Beach" (thanks to the forever busty and sexy Vicky Vette (WARNING: NSFW link) for granting me permission to cross post this from her forum)

 And no, it’s not the child that’s what’s important, it’s what’s she gawking at.  Just watch and see for yourself.

And they say that women who love sex don’t have brains or senses of humor…. 🙂




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