For Those Of You Just Joining Us….

I see that Dr. James at Left End of the Dial has added this humble blog to his own blogroll, and appropriated my….errrrrrr…Earthside’s "Dimocrats" gloss (that’s OK, Doc….fair use and Creative Commons License and all).

Considering that I may be getting a few of his browsers who might tour this blog and wind up saying things like: "What the hell is this??", I figure that a reset for who I am and what this blog means might be in order.

So, for those of you who are just browsing in; here’s the abbreviated version of The SmackDog Chronicles Primer 101.

1) The title is inspired by the fact that I happen to be a Black man (hence, the popular hip-hop derivative "dog", who happens to run a lot of smack about my feelings about this world and my place in it.

2) My politics are basically more inclined towards the independent Libertarian Left — that is, I tend to distrust a lot of what passes for government leadership from most sides; but I generally support the aggressive use of government as a tool to equalize and level the economic playing field and to offer fundamental protections for the most expansive envelope of free speech and free expression humanly possible. I’d rather censure and call out haters and jackasses and bigots and other asshats than censor them.

3) I am more of a plain populist democratic socialist, in that I tend to believe that the means and ends of production should be better distrubuted amongst those who actually do most of the work (hence the term "working class") rather than merely hoarded by a few super-rich corporations and their owners.

4) As you can plainly see, I have quite a low opinion of the Democratic Party (now transformed into the "Dimocrats"); this was well earned through my experiences with the Louisiana variant (hint: ex guv Edwin Edwards, ex US Senator John Breaux, current guv Kathleen "Kitty Blanks" Blanco) which caused me to leave the party about 20 years ago and register as an Independent. In my not really much humble view, the Dims have basically been using and milking progressives and "liberals" to gain electoral majorities, only to consistently and constantly ignore their basic needs in favor of sucking up to the corporate-military war establishment, not to mention their consistent pandering to the most reactionary groups in the hope of winning back the mythical "center". I tend to favor the "build a REAL Left that stands for egalitarian values and stands strong against privilege (both economic and social), and let the Center come to you" approach.

5) Of course, my opinion of the current occupying Republican party in the White House, not to mention the current occupant George W. Bush and his gang of merry fascist thieves, is that much lower even than that of the Dims….but then again, any party led by the likes of Dubya, Dick Cheney, and Alberto "Abu" Gonzales, who has the likes of Tom "Bug Spray" DeLay, Dennis Hastert and Ricky Santorum as its chief spokesmen in Congress, and who claims as their chief boosters in the media people of the quality of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Michael Reagan, and Bill O’Reilly, would probably not rank too high with reality-based people, either. (And the local variant matches the national in terms of going off the cliff, too; just think "David Duke".)

6) Finally….don’t be scared off by a lot of the sex and porn talk here; this is mostly a PG-13 rated blog.  I am interested in sex positivism and pro-sex radicalism mostly because I’ve seen for far too long how sexually reactive and sexually conservative politics has basically destroyed progressive politics by throwing certain sexual dissidents and sexual outlaw groups under the train to feed the dominant cultural consensus. I tend to defend free sexual expression and free sexual media mostly because challenging the dominant social conservatism should be part of any thinking Left radical’s mission, and because scapegoating innocent people merely because their form of private consensual sex play doesn’t meet certain people’s conceptions of political theory really does suck (and not in the good way, either).

I think that that’ll be a nice intro for starters.  Please feel free — and it is all free, of course — to browse through the blog and read up some more on my methods and my madness…and if you still feel up to staying here (or not), thanks for stopping by anyway.

Just remember the SmackChron Prime Directive:

Have a take that does not suck….and don’t be an asshat.

Welcome in, y’all.


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