Forget Al Gore….Cynthia McKinney Goes Online

Everybody in the liberal blogosphere seems to think that Al Gore will be the savior of the Dimocrats, which is why they are all pimping for him to run for President, I guess.

Me…I prefer someone a bit more progressive.

Probably that’s why I’ve been fantasizing about former Georgia Congresswoman/progressive headbussa Cynthia McKinney running in the ’08 campaign as an Independent (possibly on a Green Party slate).

But, since she got Shanghied out of her congressional seat, we haven’t really heard of her whereabouts. 

That is…until now.  Seems like CMcK’s gotten the online blog bug, and has opened up her own blog, which she is using to both vent her spleen at all the current events, raise money to retire her campaign debt, and hopefully plan her third comeback.

I would appreciate it a great deal if you would check her out…and for an appetizer, go over to CounterPunch and browse through her latest essay, too.

As a bonus, go ahead and check out this site in tribute to CMcK that debunks everything about her alleged anti-Semitism and her supposed bad hair, to the pushing incident that helped cost her her seat. It’ll open your eyes quite a bit.

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