Radical[Right]Feminism Rears Its Head Again

[Written in social solidarity with Ren]

I guess that the moral to this is simple:

In the APRF world, all women are created equal.

That is, until some women decide to engage in professions that become anathema to APRF ideology.

Then, of course, they become pariahs, and slightly less equal….and must be purged to protect the purity of the "sisterhood".

Regardless even if they volunteer their time and effort to help actual victims of the very abuses that radfems want to abolish.

Because, you see, freezing out women for the sin of getting paid for sex is so much more important than having effective workers who help victims of domestic violence.

Just like it’s far more important for the Boy Scouts to maintain their "Christian" purity standards and purge out gay men.

Or for a "women’s only" rape crisis center to deny services to a transsexual so that "women-identified women" can get special privileged treatment…at the expense of other rape and DV victims.

But, I’m sure that the likes of Heart(less), Stormcloud, and the rest of the posse are nodding their heads in agreement.  That’ll show that sexbot bitch how not to mess with "us".

So much for antipornradicalfeminism being anything other than a clone of the Christian Right.

Fight on, Henchwoman…and just fuck ’em all.


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