An Open Letter To The ByrdBrain (aka Birdeye)

Hey, jackass:

I really tried to give your brown nosed, MRA-sniffing, right-wing ass the benefit of the doubt, but when you decided to drop this lovely turd onto Renegade's blog, you crossed the line and earned yourself a serving of The Can of SmackDog Whupass(tm):

You do realize that the bodycounts racked up under Marxist/Commie regimes (like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc) – as far left as you can possibly get – absolutely DWARFED the absolute WORST estimates under Nazism (just to use your revisionist definition of it as "right-wing" for argument's sake)?

Anyhow, it's obvious the only reason you support "women's lib" is so you can get in their sex+ panties easier. 😀  

 Now, let's examine all these memes one by one, shall we??

1) Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot — as far left as you can possibly get — dwarfs the worst estimates under Nazism…

OK…I guess that you can say that as a general statement.  If you manage to avoid the fact that most of the supposed 2 million people allegedly squashed by Stalin during his regime happened to die as a result of World War II…when his country was actually invaded by Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Or…the basic fact that Pol Pot was so "far to the left" that his regime actually got the support of those evil socialists at the Reagan Administration when the Khmer Rouge-led government decided to launch a war with Vietnam during the 1980s??? (Not to mention that Pol Pot actually came to power following the invasion of his country by American forces, which followed a coup where the previous leader was toppled in favor of a much more right-wing govenor who was more amicable to the US??

And what is so "revisionist" about calling the Nazis "right wing"??  They were backed by the wealthiest sector of German industry and defended the socially conservative values of the most reactionary institutions.  They targeted homosexuals, women who didn't follow their standards of German social and sexual "purity", Jews, the Roma ("Gyspies"), and other scapegoats of their "Aryan supremacy" ideology. And they developed a mass propaganda and social machine for controlling and punishing deviant thought.  But, since they mocked the name "socialist", they can be attached onto anyone on the Left for you to slander, right??

And what would you say about the governments of Mussolini and Tojo in Italy and Japan, respectively?? They never called themselves "socialists", yet they too decided to team up with Hitler for their own reasons….and they have their own record of repression and violence.  I guess that that makes them left-wing, too….right??

But this is so inmaterial piffle compared to your feeble attempt to smack me down:

 Anyhow, it's obvious the only reason you support "women's lib" is so you can get in their sex+ panties easier. 😀 

Yeah. Right. 

I mean, every word of defense of Ren (who doesn't even see herself as a feminist that much anyway) and Belledame and Trinity and Amber Rhea is designed not as a means of social solidarity or a statement of support and respect….it's designed merely as a ploy by me to get into their panties.

Ahhhh, dewd…why go there?? 

As much as I consider Ren to be quite teh sexy (and she damn well IS, too, in addition to being smart and compassionate), I have this thing about breaking up healthy relationships….and last time I remember, she was already attached. I don't know her or any other of the women I meet online, and since I have this thing I call a JOB (not a handjob, ByrdBrain, but an actual JOB) that consumes much of my time, I really don't think that I'll be quite able to attempt to even meet them in person….heaven forbid, try to hook up with them.

But..guess what, BB? If they actually wanted me to get with them, I wouldn't mind it one damn bit, since these women, in addition to being decently attractive, happen to have something that you frankly don't show much of: a heart, some compassion and empathy, and a working brain.  They actually represent what's right about feminism, even if they are a bit estranged from the concept due to getting burned by the likes of Witchy-Woo.

I am soooo sorry to disappoint you and your strawman fantasies, ByrdBrain, but I don't support "women's lib" merely to get free sexual conquests (these days, my hands get me through quite well, thank you very much), but because it is the right thing to support. Either women are to be treated as fully human beings, or they are not. That some people who use the feminist label can on occasion abuse it as a club to beat other women down or as a crutch for their own myopia does not diminish the need for feminism one iota.

At least I respect women enough to value their brains and their humanity as much as I do their sexuality.  Can you top that..or is all your bluster nothing more than the rantings of a scared little man who can't stand women more powerful or smarter than he is??

As Beyonce would say: "To the left." (As in, either SYAD and pour yourself a tall glass of STFU; or waddle your sorry ass somewhere else and find somebody who really gives a damn.) 

Oh..and stop reading your faxes on the blogs, too.


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