OK….What Is Up With This???

Apparently, some folks have been trying to post comments here, but somehow I’m not getting them.

\”Some folks\” meaning mostly Trinity, who has posted at her blog her frustration at not being able to post comments.

I set my blog so that I can approve comments prior to them being posted, mostly so that spambots cannot get through….but somehow, the legitimate posts aren’t getting through either.

And to further the puzzlement…I’ve been fighting of late a rush of comment spamming by one particular bot using the catchphrase \”ka-ka-sha-ka\” who has been posting all kinds of porn spam. I usually catch it and delete it in my email, which is why it doesn’t show up here…but somehow, the legitimate comments from real members like Trin and Ren aren’t getting through.

Any suggestions on how to cure this, folks?? If you are having as much probs posting comments, just email me (anthonyk6319 at gmail dot com) and I’ll do something to post your comment here myself.

And if WordPress.org users can help me on solving this issue, it would be most welcome, too..I don’t know whether my site has been hacked or whether this is a issue with WP (I’m running this blog on the latest WP 2.2 package) or something more with my PC.

Either way, this nonsense is driving me batty.

3 thoughts on “OK….What Is Up With This???

  1. wow, i got on. unlike yesterday when i was submitting comments fifteen times in a row and nothing.dear wordpress: plz to be laying off the drugz nao!

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