BTW….De-Riddle Me This, Please???

A full gallon of Concentrated SmackDog Whupasstm goes to the reader who can successfully re-vowel this quote that I just saw at that Feministe thread:

t wll nvr stp bng fcntng t m tht th ppl wh clm t b th nl ns wh cr abt “ctl wmn” r s nvstd n mntnng th stts q. n sggstn tht mb – jst mb – wmn rn’t pblc tlts s mt wth ccstns f shkng p wth th “rlgs rght”, ccstns f gnrng th “ctl wmn”, ccstns f clsssm, rcsm, sxsm, ccstns f bng slf-rghts prhbtnsts. ll n n ffrt t jstf th cmmdfctn nd xplttn f fml flsh.

Wh bthr t tr nd stp th xplttn f wmn, whn t wld b jst s mch sr t mk th xplttn sr? Wh bthr trng t d nthng t ll, bcs thr ffrts hv fld? nd mst f ll, dn’t VR tr t cnvnc bs wth rctns tht th rn’t ttll nttld t sng wmn’s bd t gt ff. Bcs thr’s sm wmn t lk bng sx wrkrs nd tht mns, f dn’t ncld thm n vr sngl dscssn n th tpc, ‘ dn’t cr bt thm (vn thgh th rn’t th tpc t ll)!! (Rthr lk, f dn’t tlk bt ml vctms f DV r rp/Sxl sslt n thrd bt fml vctms, thn dn’t cr bt thm!!)

f tht s “crng” bt “ctl wmn”, ‘m Snt Cls.

I won’t reveal the poster here; she can be found out quite easily there.

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