A Short Redux on Heart’s Rant, Radfem Transhate, and “Fanning the Flames”

Just a brief update on the previous fisking of Heart’s transphobic rant:

I recieved a trackback to a LiveJournal blog owned by B. C. Holmes where she linked my entry riffing on Heart’s madness…and promptly accused me of “fanning the flames”.  Her exact words, as posted at her blog:

That last link [to Heart’s original post] can be an uncomfortable read, especially for transfolk. It’s fair to say that I disagree with it. But what I want to say right now is that, generally, I think there’s a lot of fruitful stuff in the writings of radical feminism, and I’m not supportive of tarring all of radical feminism with the evil brush. (There’s a specific response, here [link to my rant] that, in my opinion, only fans the flames).

Now, I do think that B.C., from a quick glance at her blog, apperars to be a reasonable woman and a decent person who happens to be both a transperson and a feminist who does support some radfem theories. At the very least, she does tend not to be as quick to choose sides as some of the more strident followers; thusly, she does deserve the decency of proper respect for her and other radfems who don’t go as far over the cliff as the caucus of Heart/Witchy-Woo/delphyne/luckynkl/et. al.

Nevertheless, the idea that I am “fanning the flames” by calling out Heart’s BS kinda got to me enough that I posted this response over at her blog a few minutes ago:

anthonyjk_6319 wrote:

Jul. 31st, 2007 03:19 am (UTC)
Well..you are entitled to your opinion…
…and I won’t be disrespectful of it or of you.

I really don’t think, though, that my response to Heart’s madness really amounts to “fanning the flames”…at least not nearly as much than the anti-transphobic and extreme commentary over at Heart’s place already does enough of that.

No, all of radical feminism does not deserve all of the evil brush…but the particular brand of pseudo radfem theology that Heart and her followers do promote constantly at her blog certainly does, in my own opinion, cross the line of common decency several times over enough to deserve the highest of criticism and denouncement.

If that be considered “fanning the flames”, then so be it. You can’t please everyone, and sometimes you have to stand by your words. I stand by every single one….take it or leave it.

Anthony Kennerson
Founder/Owner, The SmackDog Chronicles Blog

I am more than willing to hear from D. C. and other transwomen who share her views; and I really have no beef with her or those more moderate transwomen who may the basic philosophy of feminism or even the more radical tenents thereof….after all, I’d hate on MRAs and traditional right-wingers with the same brush that I do the more strident Womynz’ Caucus when they pile their nonsense on innocent people. I will, however, stand by what I say and say what I stand by….and you are totally free to either love it, hate it, ignore it, or whatever suits your fancy.  I only speak for myself, and myself alone.

Hopefully, that clears things up a bit.

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