To All Hatemongering Misogynist Hacker Assholes: Just. Don’t.

Goodness knows that I have fundamental differences with the likes of Heart and the crew at I Blame The Patriarchy…and I’m not afraid to call them out here.

However…there is a fundamental line of decency and debate that everyone must respect….and that line was broken today.

Someone — probably an MRA with too much time on his hands — decided to hack into Womens’ Spaces/The Margins (Heart’s blog) and IBTP and post some particularly vile, lowdown, and threatening messages…most of which had to do with their particular rape fantasies directed towards certain women there.

Already, Heart is using this as a crutch to slander all who criticise her antiporn politics as supporting such cyberterrorism; with the usual notions that \”pro-porn\” women are untouched by such acts.

Now, I would think that Renegade Evolution and Quare Dewd and Nina Hartley (who have all suffered hackjobs at one time or another, amongst other threats) would disagree with that…but that is inmaterial right now.

Let me cut right to the chase right now and right here.

The people who did this vile hackjob will get nothing from me (and I speak for not only myself, but for all decent human beings who happen to be of our position) but the utmost contempt, derision, and unabashed repudiation of their acts.  They no more represent sex-positive feminism or sex radicalism or advocates for consensual sexual speech than neo-Nazis or White supremacists represent all White people…..and their actions should be condemned to the highest. In fact, they are the exact antithesis of what progressive sex radicalism should be.

And anyone who comes here even thinking about attempting to justify these cowardly acts will get read out of here in an instant….and I don’t mean with the proverbial can of SmackDog Whupass, but with a REAL ass kicking.

Just because I may oppose antipornfeminist theology in general does NOT mean that rampant misogyny like this is considered anywhere near acceptable. For just this once, I’m routing for Heart and Twisty to nail these ignorant suckas to the wall…and I will unabashedly offer any support to finding and catching these fools and serving justice to them as they deserve.

This shit deserves no place on the Internet…and especially not against women bloggers, whatever their ideology.  Not even Ann Coulter deserves that kind of crap.

I don’t work that way, and neither should anyone else who calls him/herself a progressive or a feminist or a radical. Anyone who does will get no love or support from this ‘Dog…but he will get a foot up his ass.

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