The Radfem Hatfields vs. The MRA Hack McCoys

Remember when I had posted on the hacking attacks and threats posted on Heart’s blog??

Well, it seems that things have blown up faster than Hurricane Katrina did in the Gulf of Mexico before devastating New Orleans.

To update so far (and you will notice that I will not provide any linkage for obvious reasons of driving any of the hacks or attacks my way, just use Google if you wish to see more):

1) Heart had attempted to place an autobiographical profile of herself based on an article that she had done for the radfem site off our backs on Wikipedia….only to be stoned when some regulars complained that it violated Wiki’s rules about degree of importance.

2) Meanwhile….Heart goes off the deep end (understandably) on the attacks on her, claiming it to be the prime example of how “yaypornies” work to destroy all women radical womyn like her. She then goes of on how she caught her young son looking at and masturbating to nekkid women, and her attempts to….well, shall we say, disuade him of that instinct. Which includes everything short of throwing out the computer.

3) Then, here comes Biting Beaver (aka BB or Beeb) into the tempest with her own story of catching her son doing the same thing….and then dropping the wish that she wished that she had never birthed him to begin with.

4) That bolt of inspiration arouses the crew at Encyclopedia Dramatica, an outfit of mostly Bevis and Butthead-grade MRA wannabes who basically get off on smacking down “political correctness”; they proceed to launch a major campaign against Heart and Beeb’s sites; up to and including DoS raids; Photoshopped images of both ladies; and the usual “feminazi”/”evol whore”/sexual innuendo rhetoric.

5) And now, they’s greatly expanded their campaign to include not only a few other radfem celebs like Luckynkl and Ginmar; but also Feministe (mostly because of a comment posted there that was critical of the lads engineering the attacks. 

Needless to say, what I said last time still applies here.  No matter how I think that Heart and Luckynkl and Ginmar and Beeb are supreme loonies and whackjobs and completely off their rockers; not even they deserve to have their private sites vandalized or to have rape threats put up against them.  And even if I do happen to think that Heart et. al.’s attempt to milk this for all the victimhood sympathy that they can muster and to rally the radfem troops to smack down the “yayporn” crowd for aiding and abetting such behavior (which is nothing less than the ultimate smear and a huge damn LIE), it still doesn’t justify any of this behavior…EVER.

So..if any of you ED loonies want to come here to bitch and moan about how your “heroic” campaign is meant only in self-defense for what Heart and Beeb said….save if for someone who actually cares. I go after ideas and acts, not people.

And for any radfem extremists on the other side who want to attempt to bait me into this: you can save your bandwidth, too. I’ve said my peace on this, and that will be all.

[Comments will remain open for this thread, but will be highly moderated for even a hint of spamming or hacking; violators will be kicked out on the spot.]

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