A Clarification on Ginmar’s Myopia and My “Threat”

For those of you who may have missed the rumble over at Feministe, or those who have been there and are wondering just what the fuck Ginmar is talking about when she accuses moi of “threatening” her and other radicalfeminists on behalf of Ren, Trinity, and the rest of the “sex pox”…well, here’s the offending post that I sent her that got her all a flutter:

Sorry to disappoint you and your allies, Ginmar, but I don’t believe in wagging fingers: I just call BS like I see it.

And neither I nor IACB need to rescue the “sex pox” damsels in distress, since they do a pretty damn good job of defending themselves all their own. We speak for ourselves, and no one else.

And it’s so nice to hear you and your groupies reduce real human beings and real women (including a self-described feminist) to the level of horses merely because they don’t drink your brand of Kool-Aid. At least you are as consistent as you were with your “gender trumps race” smack earlier.

Here’s the deal, ladies: if you want to have a genuine discussion on the issues Ren raised at Feministe, then I will be respectful. If you want to continue playing your hit-and-run games and continue to smear and distort men and women who have done no harm….then we can go there, too.

Just be careful of what you wish for, ladies, it may come back to bite ‘ya…..hard. Some of us believe in fighting back.

Oh…and as for “who the fuck” I am: ask Bitch|Lab or see this link:

https://anthonyk.wordpress.com/2006/04/2 9/why-nubian-kicks-serious-ass-and-ginmar-can-just-kiss-mine-2/


Nothing in my post about physically threatening her, see??  Not quite like Stormcloud’s threat to oust Ren, or Witchy-Woo’s open taunting of Ren for getting fired from her work at the crisis shelter, isn’t it??

Of course, Ginmar goes and bans me from her LJ so that I can’t even respond to her accusations; then goes all over the Feministe thread waving her supposedly bloody shirt saying how I’m in cahoots with the “yay pornies” threatening her and the other brave and courageous radfems.

And to top it all off, she has the unmitigated brass to accuse Lauren and Jill of deliberately censoring her (and by extension, other “womyn warriors” because they don’t immediately approve her posts with lightening speed and don’t allow her to “name names” and spread her lying, smearing rumors??  

Please.  Just….please. Enough, already. 

 [I have an entry at my Live Journal page with all of the details.]

3 thoughts on “A Clarification on Ginmar’s Myopia and My “Threat”

  1. Thanks, I was wondering who the hell she was complaining about this time but I didn’t want to, well, encourage her spinning web of self-made nebulous ‘facts’ by asking.

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