About Me/Rules

 I.  Who I Am

I am a 40+ year old African American male who works as a middle-level supervisor at a major retail store by day (and night, because I have one of those “flexible” workshifts); this blog is more of my hobby than anything else.

Why I Do This

Because I can.  Enough said.  🙂

Basic Rules

You don’t have to agree at all with what I say here; just try not to be disagreeable about it.

Comments are moderated; so don’t even think of attempting to pass your spam here. 

General asshattery, trollishness, or wingnuttery will be treated severely and swiftly.

Most of all:  My site; my rules: and all decisions are final. If you want a soapbox, then form your own damn blog. (Respectful spirited discussion, OTOH, is more than welcome.)

Now then…..don’t sing it…..bring it!!!


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