Attention, SmackChron Visitors and Registrants!!!!

Update 11-02-08: OK…I forgot that I had updated to a new site again…so the link presented is a bit outdated.

Here’s the new address for the SmackChron:

Also…I see that WordPress has finally gone ahead and updated their platform for their blogs to their new 2.7 version…they say that they will complete the transformation and offer 2.7 to those self-hosted blogs located at by Saturday. Sounds decent…looking forward to what they offer.


In case you didn’t know by now, I have moved the SmackChron blog to a new location and a new host.

It seems, though, that in my rush to move the blog, I forgot to transfer all those who had registered to comment on the blog over there…and now I’m not getting any comments. (Trackbacks and permalinks, though, are working perfectly.)

If you happen to be a regular contributor to this blog, please email me so that I can register you at the new blog…or use your WordPress account to register yourself. If you have any problems getting a comment in, email me as well and I will do my best to fix any problems.

Thanks for staying here and viewing, and your feedback is always welcome.

Another Day, Another Host Move For The SmackChron

If you will remember, I had for a while let my domain name expire and with it, my original web hosting service decided to pull my account….so I was without a web host for a while.  Thank the Goddess for for their free blog service, which enables me to continue posting here.

But, now, I am happy to report that I have bought a new domain and reregistered with another hosting company, and now I have set up the SmackChron blog over there. 

Unfortunately, this blog has become too big to move all the posts and comments and categories over…so I will simply keep this blog as an archive, while posting all new posts at the new location.

The new addy for the SmackChron is here:

I will also be transferring all of the old files and pages for the old Red Garter Club website there soon, so that I can reactivate that site, too. 

Just adjust your bookmarks accordingly, please.


MAJOR UPDATE (11/07/07):  I have now moved the SmackChron site to an even better host, reflecting WordPress’ new 2.3.1 update.

Here is the new addy:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t move all of the posts from this blog over (the backup file was too big!!), so I will just use this blog as an archive. New posts will now appear there.

Please adjust your blogrolls as needed.  okthanxcyatherelaterbye. 

OK….What Is Up With This???

Apparently, some folks have been trying to post comments here, but somehow I’m not getting them.

\”Some folks\” meaning mostly Trinity, who has posted at her blog her frustration at not being able to post comments.

I set my blog so that I can approve comments prior to them being posted, mostly so that spambots cannot get through….but somehow, the legitimate posts aren’t getting through either.

And to further the puzzlement…I’ve been fighting of late a rush of comment spamming by one particular bot using the catchphrase \”ka-ka-sha-ka\” who has been posting all kinds of porn spam. I usually catch it and delete it in my email, which is why it doesn’t show up here…but somehow, the legitimate comments from real members like Trin and Ren aren’t getting through.

Any suggestions on how to cure this, folks?? If you are having as much probs posting comments, just email me (anthonyk6319 at gmail dot com) and I’ll do something to post your comment here myself.

And if users can help me on solving this issue, it would be most welcome, too..I don’t know whether my site has been hacked or whether this is a issue with WP (I’m running this blog on the latest WP 2.2 package) or something more with my PC.

Either way, this nonsense is driving me batty.

Announcing: The New Lady Chatterley Boudoir Blog!!!

OK…just for those of you who may be more interested in the more erotic thoughts that may get into my brain, I have decided to create a new, more adult blog for that very purpose.

The Lady Chatterley Boudoir Blog is based on the many erotic groups that I have maintained over the years over at Yahoo! and MSN; it will be focused mainly on the subject of sex and sexual desire and how it constructs, destructs, reconstructs, and basically obsesses us — but mostly, it will be a tribute to the basic radical notion that "Sex is pretty damn nice, and pleasure is good for you."

Naturally, because of the subject matter involved — and my own really dirty mind..heheh — this blog will NOT be for the faint of heart, the prudish, or the antiporn feminists or fundamentalists out there.  It will occasionally venture into the explicit, the graphic, and even the kinky side of sexuality; and no holds will be barred in either content or language. (Naturally, since it will be an ADULT-oriented blog, all the usual NSFW disclaimers apply…though I will do my best to keep it from becoming a beacon for the usual sex spammers and spambots (comment moderation will be fully loaded, so don’t even think about it).

All of the usual suspects and freaks are invited to join along and give whatever feedback or comments you wish, as always.

Here’s the addy in case you want to see the initial construction:

Remember, it will be ADULTS ONLY and you will have to get approved from me to join in.


Quick Memo To All Regular SmackChron Clones….

I’ve heard that some of you are having problems commenting to the blog due to the WordPress quirk of requiring a passsword to comment.  Sometimes it is accidental on my part (I forget that my browser automatically enters a password into the post and I forget to delete it), and sometimes it’s a flaw on WP’s part (regular members have to register to even post comments; this is to avoid anonymous hit-and-run trolls and spammers).

If you are a regular and have had this problem, please email me at anthonyk6319 at gmail dot net (make the neccessary adjustments), and I will send you a new password.  Once you are in, you have the option of changing it to whatever you desire.

This is for regular viewers ONLY…..spammers and trolls need not even try.

Also….I discovered that Blogger has updated their blogging software, and I have updated the Blogger version of the vintage SmackChron blog to the new 2.0 system.  I’m considering either reviving it as a backup in case this blog starts acting up, or even running it as a dual mirror of this blog.  Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. to work I go. 


The End of Bitch|Lab??? Over This Dog’s Dead Body!!!!

If there was ever a time for the Fighting Progressive Headbussa Brigade to hook up the bayonets and battle, now is a perfect time. One of our greatest strategic assets has been stricken from us suddenly, and the time is urgent.

I just discovered this sudden and frightening email from K over at Bitch | Lab enclosing some horrible news:

Our host is kicking us off, telling us that we burn up to many bits and bytes.
RIP, to Bitch|Lab. We are trying to move it elsewhere, but we can’t afford
dedicated hosting fees.
That means the lists will all have to go away.
Very sorry about this.
For those of you who may remember, Bitch’s site was the subject of a nasty denial-of-service hack attack a coouple of months ago from someone who couldn’t quite accept her criticism of the likes of Ann Bartow, the radfem professor and creator of the Feminist Law Professors blog who basically threatened to out Bitch publically as a phony and a fake scholar who was "bashing feminists and feminism" (especially the kind Bartow supported). turns out that the hosting company for Bitch’s site — hell, why not out them, — basically attempted to blame and persecute the victim of the attack (namely, B|L) rather than actually go after the perpetrators….and decided to charge Bitch for all the overhead.  Apparantly, this became too much for them, and today they unceremoniously and without any warning pulled the plug on Bitch’s entire domain (; thusly killing not just the Bitch|Lab site, but also the three mailing lists (Kickingass, Squeeze, and Sexpos) that B|L had formed under that domain account.
She did say that she would attempt to reform the blog under another host, but due to the expense of  dedicated hosting, she would not be able to afford to totally rebuild the site.
Obviously, this is such horrific news, since B|L’s unique combination of scholarship, theory, and biting humor has sustained a viable and important Left critique for such a long time.
I’m not sure what she will ultimately do, but I happen to think that those of us (Blackamazon?? Nubian?? Kactus?? Kevin??  Belledame?? Renegade Evolution?? Sly Civilian?? Do I have to go down the roll here???) who have been enriched by B|L have an obligation……hell no, a FREAKIN’ DUTY….to give back a little. What I am offering is that some of us should donate either some spare change or some of their bandwidth to allow B|L to reform her site and her blog…or else, donate the funds to allow her to find a suitable and adequate web host.  I personally nominate my own host,, which has served this ‘Dog quite well, is relatively cheap, and is totally reliable enough that their record of handling hackers is renowned.  I am even willing to put up some of my own bandwidth, including space on this blog, to enable her to keep her message online.
Whatever it takes, whatever is neccessary, and by any means neccessary…we will revive Bitch|Lab to its rightful place.  Or die trying.
OK…what say thou???  Say it with words..but mean it with action.  Bitch|Lab deserves nothing less!!!
[Written by one verrrrrry pissed off ‘Dog]

Sex-Pos/Sex Rad Carnival Postponed For Now…Still Accepting Submissions

OK…I know that today was supposed to be the deadline for submissions for the Sex Positive/Sex Radical Carnival that was supposed to be set for October 20th…..but due to unforseen circumstances and the lack of submissions (mostly my fault for forgetting that there are other issues of time for others), I am going to push back the date for the carnival for now.

I will announce the new date as soon as I can tie up some loose ends…or I may just let Bitch | Lab do most of the organizing work and otherwise take the lead while I collect submissions.

I sincerely apologize for any inconviences this may cause…and I still plan on having it ultimately.



We Really Should Stop Meeting Like This….

OK…sorry for leaving you hanging for so long since my last posting…..between work and some personal issues, I haven’t been as able to get online as I should; but that is all history.

I promise y’all….honest I do….I will complete my thoughts and get back up to speed.  Just give me a spell to unwind myself and play catch-up.